Episode #1 – Grow Some Thighs

You need to train your legs with heavy weights.

Some people don’t. Those people will be quickly surpassed by those who do train the legs. Heavy.  

Here are 2 points to apply to your training today and then a challenge to try.

1) You gotta train squats!

Back squats and front squats to a box and any squatting variation where you can load the body with a heavy weight. The more you lift the stronger you get. Simple.

Young athletes should to be taught to squat correctly, with no weight, and then must CONSTANTLY progress from an initial phase of low loading to the heights of their genetic potential. There is no point squatting light for long periods of time.

Let me say this again and take a note! Learn the squat with a light weight, constantly up the weight on the bar, constantly work on maintaining good technique. Do this and you’ll become a great athlete.



2) Build some muscle! 

Rugby players and others who must use their body as a weapon will benefit from building some quality muscle. Use the time tested formula of: HEAVY WEIGHT X HIGH VOLUME.

Get a heavy weight and lift it many many times.

Aim to complete your strength work on a main exercise, e.g. THE SQUAT, then add two or three more movements such as lunges, step-ups, glute bridges, split-squats and do sets of 10-15 reps. Go for 4 sets. Regularly increase the weight.

And sometimes you gotta get crazy, you must test yourself physically AND mentally. Push through the pain, become stronger inside and out. Now and then challenge your body and your mind and nothing will stop you. Check out the video and post your comments, questions and any results below!

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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength