ESSENTIAL success traits of FIT people

This bank holiday you’ve probably sat down with friends and had some time to THINK

Thinking about your life, friends, body shape, happiness etc.

So let’s create some positive actions to FIRE YOU UP for the week!

Are you happy with your fitness level?

Now that the vests, shorts and skirts are coming out in the sun, many people are feeling self conscious about the way they look.

But WHY do so few of us have six pack abs, strong arms, or superb legs?

WHY do most of us get home from work, at least once a week, feeling sad and tired?

Why do these feelings make skipping the gym and reaching for wine and pizza so easy?



So why is it so damn hard to stick to a healthy diet?

Well, if you’ll allow me to share my experience, both as a coach AND as someone who struggles to diet, then perhaps we could cover a few points that may help you get leaner, feel happier, and be able to stick to a damn healthy lifestyle for once!

In my experience if you are HAPPY, and SLEEPING well, and REGULARLY active - you will more than likely have a good looking body.

1) Are you sleeping 7 hours or more per night?

7 hours is a minimum.

Sleep well and you’ll wake up in a better mood, which makes it easier to make good food choices.

A good night’s sleep reduces the likelihood of you getting home after work and feeling tired, and actually makes it MORE likely that you’ll have the emotional energy reserves to hit the gym and make a healthy tea.

2) Are you being positive in your thinking?

It is very easy to drown in other people’s negative thinking.

Just 5 years ago I was running the gym in the evenings, working at a bank 9-5, and surrounded by negative people.

I would NEVER share my goals with those energy vampires

I would ALWAYS go for a walk on my lunch and listen to positive podcasts and audiobooks

I had a folder of positive photos on my iPod to inspire me (new car, bigger gym, full time coaching job etc.) and I would visualise achieving all my goals every lunch break at the bank

A positive mindset helps you see solutions to your problems, think ‘what are a few new ways I CAN do this?’ rather than ‘I can’t do this’.

Everyone thinks negative - be the exception

You’ll probably be able to find a gym nearer home, or take your gym clothes to work, or find a training partner or one of MILLIONS of simple solutions that will change your attitude to working out regularly.

3) ….last one for today…   Are you being active every day?

Now you’re sleeping 7 hours or more, being super positive every day, the next thing to implement as a LIFELONG fitness habit is daily activity.

In my opinion, 20 mins walking is the minimum you must do to remain active every day.

Throw in a few stretches and you’ve got most bases covered

Now and then maybe run rather than walk

Then add in resistance training/weight lifting 2x per week at a minimum

Do all that, and trust me, you’ll have a healthier body IMMEDIATELY.

- - - - - - -

The hard part of all this is TIME - and I don't mean fitting it all in - you either do it or you don't.

What I mean is, you might not see any visible change in your belly fat for the first 1-2 weeks of doing all this.

DESPITE sleeping & eating better, feeling more positive and being really active - this shit takes times

So DO NOT have any expectations, just trust your gut instinct that doing all this is better than not doing it.

Fast forward 12 months of sleeping, training and eating good - and you’ll have a great looking body.

So be happy NOW, be confident NOW - you don’t need a result to give you that, hold that attitude on your shoulder as you walk about every single day.

You make your own luck in this life

Work hard, be in this for the rest of your life - because that’s all the time you have 😃

You will smash every damn goal you ever had out of the park and you won’t recognise yourself in 3 months time.

I guarantee it

Rise above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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- A -