Fancy dining logic bro....

I love eating out, one of the best meals I've ever had was in Hawksmoor, Manchester.


Oak panels, secret passages, old-world feel, old fashioned whiskeys, steak, wine...... you gotta try it.




Fancy dining is great, but I don't depend entirely on restaurant meals for my nutrition.


That'd be stupid, right?


Instead I eat 'bog standard' meals. Rice, oats, chicken, tuna etc. Most of the time.


Once a week, I may go out for a nice meal.


But that's it.


Imagine if I tried to sustain my body on that one fancy meal each week, then starved myself all the other days, what do you think would happen to my 'gains' ?


I'd lose muscle, lose fitness, pile on the weight for sure.


Maybe even DIE.


Now looking at training, it's crazy that people are doing this exact same thing, training once a week with all the bells and whistles.....


....and expecting to sustain/improve their fitness and health.


Uh....hang on a sec.


Once a week isn't enough in any area of life.


Once a week learning spanish and you've forgotten all the words by the time the next lesson rolls around


Once a week training and your squishy, organic body detrains back to it's original fitness level by the second week


once a week'd probably die


The nice thing is we have hunger hormones that remind us to eat every few hours.


We don't have logic hormones that remind us to train every day!


Once a week yoga or massage is also like a fancy meal....your body needs daily practice/rehab to sustain it's mobility and health.


Doing the daily tasks is tough, I get it.


That's where a coach comes in handy.


Something I find helps stimulate my training 'hunger hormones' to remind me to train more often is:


Productive Downtime.


'What the hell is that?' I hear you say!


Well, it's this.....


Rather than sit on the sofa watching a film on the weekend....


I sit on the floor and STRETCH whilst watching that same film




Rather than cook one meal in the evening, I'll cook double portions and set aside a meal for tomorrow.




Rather than finish my workout and go home, I'll sit on the floor and stretch/roll out and PLAN my next workout, I'll write my goal weights in my journal and get my mind onto the next workout asap.


Funny thing is we all have the same 24 hours in a day


So how do i have time for these things and you don't?


Either bad time management OR the real reason.


Real reason is:


you don't want it bad enough


You just think you do.


So dig deep, look in the mirror, find the real reason that you want to get in shape.


Embarassed taking your top off on the beach/swimming pool?


Can't fit into your old jeans anymore?


Want to look awesome on your wedding day? (or just as good as you looked on your wedding day?)


Want to inspire your kids to get into fitness and strength?


Whatever it is that's YOUR reason, it will drive you.


Sure, there are goals along the way like 'lose 5lbs' 'bench 100kg' 'run 5k in less than 25 mins' etc.


But they are purely goals.


they aren't DRIVERS.


What's your driver?


let me sum up....


> once per week isn't enough in any area of health or fitness, do MORE


> like hunger hormones remind you to eat, a coach will remind you to train and stretch - invest in some expert help


> practice productive downtime. Stretch, meal prep, recover when you have spare time.


> stop saying 'I don't have time waaaaa' instead SEARCH for your real emotional driver and go get after it, you can achieve anything you want when you find that inner fire.



Train hard




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