Featured Raw Strength Athlete: Jacob

This is a showcase to demonstrate the great efforts and hard work of all the clients at Raw Strength.

First up is Jacob, age 15, he plays rugby union for Warrington and Lancashire. DSC_8665

In his first month of training Jacob had the following stats:

37 barbell press-ups (Hands on a bar raised off the floor)

Unable to do any pull-ups

60kg box squat for 4 reps

Unable to flip the big tyre


During 3 months of HARD training twice a week Jacob has achieved:

60 barbell press-ups

30 press-ups with his feet on a box (feet higher than hands)

6 pull-ups

67.5kg box squat for 12 reps

5 flips of the big tyre


Jacob has put on some visible muscle mass throughout training, is considerably fitter and much stronger and is about to start an intense off-season program for rugby to further increase his improvements! Check the following video, Jacob is the second guy…

I’m really excited about what he can achieve over the next 3 months of training. So congratulations to Jacob for stepping up and joining Raw Strength, I can provide all the knowledge and the right environment but motivation comes from within.

Have you got what it takes?

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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength