Fitness is broken because...

....what if you can't see what you could become?


You will never achieve what you can't see and feel in your mind.


Going a step further, even if you've seen others achieve your goal and you know the path is there, you'll give up if you can't see the path and don't get guidance.


For example:


Imagine a client coming to me and saying they'd only like to lose 1 stone, or 'tone up' before their holiday.


Ok, but when I can see strength, muscle, endurance, reduced stress, a happier life AND 3-4 stone lost so they actually have a flat stomach and abs....


Well I prefer my picture to theirs! It's my job to get them to see the same thing.


Most coaches and PTs say 'ok here's what to do to lose a stone'


Nooooo, I cry!! That is f**ked up!


That is exactly like me saying we are going on a journey of a 1000 miles and you only want to go 10.


I'd be like, "Ricardo, not this shite again, 10 miles doesn't even get us to Stockport! Let's go the full thousand you *#&@."


Go all the way!


Why not?


The right coaching, food, training and lifestyle for 3-5 years, done with serious grit, determination and hard work is GUARANTEED to bring you the absolute best result possible...that is, a result that is beyond your wildest dreams right now.


A result you can't see with your current mindset!


I hope I'm dragging you kicking and screaming out of the matrix right now!


Or at least away from those gimmick-artists, sorry, I mean really honest trainers who really can shred your abs in time for your holiday in 3 weeks.




Look, if it's easier for you to not achieve excellence in 3-5 years and instead do a juice shred and lose 7lbs in 7 days then who am I to rock the boat.


But if you want to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes....


1. Start lifting weights. Repeat for a long time (this can be fun btw, just making a point!)


2. Join a structured program with decent coaches in it (people who inspire you)


3. Eat whole, real foods every day. No more starving and you may have a metabolism one day.


4. Sleep well and stop giving quite so many f*cks away to others. Then find a way to ENJOY that for the rest of your life.


^^^ that's a healthy lifestyle by the way. It's actually fairly simple.


We ALREADY know how to get humans in great shape, it's called sports science.


But because those big shiny companies haven't worked out how to sell a lifetime of sweat and effort to you they're sticking with the 7 day gimmicks, powders, pills and potions.


Let's all move away from gimmicks and start treating our bodies like they are going to last a lifetime......hmmmm


Some of the best days of my life have been lifting in the sun with my mates, actually laughing and enjoying training (shock!), having a BBQ or going to Nando's afterwards too.


And when it's tops off time on the beach, well I can check that box because my life has a few hours a week dedicated to training in a way that stimulates my soft, mushy, human body to be a little more wild like our caveman ancestors.


Anyway, if I haven't made my case that you must commit to a life of health because it's the only one you get, then I probably never will.


For those of you who want help we are running an 8 week summer transformation for men, it’s £199 x 2 (or £350 up front) and you’ll get:


  1. 4 intense but fun group weight lifting sessions each week, with a coach, so you can blast the fat away, gain strength and actually enjoy training for once!


  1. An 8 week proven nutrition programme, tweaked for your weight, goals and activity level, so you burn fat fast, a lot of our guys lose 8-10kg (1-1.5 stone) on this exact programme


  1. Access to online support so you can ask questions about food (what to eat? How big of a portion?) You get support 24/7 because we are guaranteeing an epic result!


Want a brand new body this summer?


The time is now


After all, you're already halfway through 2017.


Let's take action together


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Anthony Shaw


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Raw Strength Gym


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