EVERYDAY ATHLETE: Fitness is F*cked

Now this is a rant!

I'm blown away by all of the awesome messages and comments about my latest few 'rants'.

Thanks to all of you, it really does mean a lot to know somebody is out there reading my thoughts.

But honestly, I'm just calling it how I see it.

I don't feel I'm ranting, I'm just shining a light on the truth and saying, 'hold on a sec!'

Truth is, fitness is f*cked.

Trainers do not understand WHY they are working in the fitness space.

People do not understand their GOALS, and nobody helps them.

Big, commercial fitness companies do not help, but they cash in on dreams (whilst hoping you stay the same)

And worst of all....

People like me go to university, do coaching placements, get post graduate qualifications in strength and conditioning....

And we struggle.

We struggle to separate the educated, quality training that we do, from the shite peddled by most other fitness businesses.


The barrier to entry in the fitness world is low, terrifyingly low.

You can get a qualification in a weekend and start a gym.

You could get an online PT qualification, do a quick practical then be IN THE GYM coaching people.

What. The. Fuck.

Then people like YOU struggle with fitness. You wonder why the local trainer gave you a personalised program and it didn't work.

You wonder why the latest diet book or slimming world group didn't work for you.

You wonder why those new supplements failed.

Because all of those people do not care about you.

They've just seen an opportunity to either:

a) have an easier job


b) make some quick cash


A LOT of people become a PT so they can spend most of the day lounging about.

When they do work, they chat to clients about 'what you up to this weekend?'

Or hell, if they have a pretty female client, fucking endless flirting ensues.

I've seen it time and again and it really bugs me.

I'm not a feminist, eco-warrior either, but shit mate, have some respect and let the lady train!

They enjoy strutting about with a gym hoody and brand new trainers, telling people 'I just want to make a difference in people's lives'.


You just wanted an easy job where you could wear shorts instead of a suit.

It's disgusting, it's offensive to people with a sports science education. It needs to be regulated by someone, because it is KILLING people's dreams.

and let me go a step further here, stay with me...


According to the World Health Organisation:

"Of the 57 million global deaths in 2008, 36 million, or 63%, were due to noncommunicable diseases. The four main NCD are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases."

What can we do to solve this?

cardiovascular disease = get fitter and eat better

cancers = unclear (but getting fitter and eating better is generally regarded as a good defence against cancers)

diabetes = get fitter and eat better

chronic lung disease = stop smoking (getting fitter and eating better probably goes hand in hand with quitting)

So.....this seems like a pretty BIG problem to me.

People are dying, a very small minority of experts talk about health (Jamie OliverThe Body Coach....uh, the government.....damn can't think of any more off the top of my head)

Just a few fucking people?!!!

We should ALL be forced to be healthy!

What do you think?

.....shall we have a global push for health....or shall we just leave it to the entry-level, unqualified personal trainers....?

I've had HUNDREDS of conversations with people who have had a personal trainer yet failed to achieve their goal.

Does that sound like fitness is working to you?

In another industry, let's say construction; it would not be legal for someone to attend a 2 day bricklaying course then get a contract to build a skyscraper.

Because a dodgy building could kill someone.

But in fitness, not achieving health is deemed OK.

Failing on your goals is acceptable, and educating people to the lowest possible standard and unleashing them on paying customers is a-okay.

But wait, a dodgy heart could kill someone.

Why don't people see the similarity?

I guess because a brick falling on your head hurts, but slowly eating yourself into a grave is kinda fun.


Ever been to Vegas?

It's awesome, in fact I was telling my clients last night about some of my stories....

Anyway - there's a famous quote from a casino owner who said:

"We are selling them dreams"

You dream of winning a Ferrari, or doubling your money. Or being able to pay off your mortgage 'if only it lands on black'.

Pretty cool place.

The truth is, you can always make more money.

So Vegas is glamorised and we all accept it.

But it's not right, is it?

We're gambling after all. You are paying to almost certainly NOT realise your dream.

Oh wait - fitness is the EXACT same!

Want to lose weight and hate going to the gym?

"Buy my herbalife shakes and you'll lose 3056lbs in the first hour! "

Want to gain mass like a pro bodybuilder?

"Buy my weight gain powder and you'll look like the Hulk in 6 weeks!"

Want to join a comfortable, friendly health club to achieve your goals?

"Buy our membership, we really hope you don't all turn up on the same day or we'd be fucked!"

Now imagine all the company directors from all these companies:

> weight loss companies
> supplement manufacturers
> commercial big chain gyms

Close your eyes, imagine them all sat in the glossy, oak-panelled board room.....laughing....smoking cigars....

"we are selling them dreams"

In Vegas, you lose your money, you cry, you go make more money.

In fitness, you lose your health, you die.

Am I the only one worried about this?

When it comes to YOU, your health, your goals...

I want you to focus on brushing your teeth.

You do that 1-2 times per day, every day, right?

What happens if you don't?

You know that your teeth would fall out.

Well look, fitness is just like that.

You gotta walk, eat vegetables now and then, ask somebody to teach you how to lift weights.

Or just like your rotten teeth, you lose your health.

That's if you even HAVE your health right now.

If you're overweight, eat sugar, smoke, drink alcohol, don't sleep enough, stressed at work, don't hang out with your friends, don't lift weights 2-3x per week....

That's great!

That's normal, just know that me and my team actually get people results.

We understand WHY we're in the fitness industry

We know HOW to get results

We know WHAT we are good at, and where we could work with others (doctors, physios etc.) to get you a goal.

And as for the 'your gym looks intimidating' hurdle....

Just send me a message, if you want help, I'm the guy.

The alternative is being another statistic in global health related deaths.

Brutal I know.

But our gym is a lot less intimidating than that.