Fitness isn't that hard...

Deep breath... it's RANT time


Here we go strength fans!!


Right, I'm fed of seeing people failing to follow through on their goals


Good people too


People who should know better.


People who claim they don't have time to make a meal plan


yet have seen EVERY damn episode of that Tom Hardy thing on BBC


What. The. Fuck.


I'll change your life right now:


Get a blank piece of paper.


Right down the numbers 1-6


Odd numbers are meals


Even numbers are snacks


Make a meal plan. 3 meals, 3 snacks.


hell, eat chicken and brocolli, or omelettes every meal if you have to


And just make every snack a protein shake and 3 almonds


There is NO benefit in details when you're lost.


Details slow you down


And you ALREADY know the healthier choice between a salad and a pizza.


The intellectuals among you may wonder how many grams of leucine there are in a chicken breast versus a sirloin steak?


Well it's pretty fucking irrelevant if you're eating chocolate and KFC every day isn't it?!


You want results, right?


To be leaner, sexier, to stop traffic with your washboard abs or buns of steel, yes?


Well then invest 10 minutes a day into a meal plan.


The first day to write it, the other days to prep and quickly order food online.


Most supermarkets will deliver your chicken, broccoli and eggs to your door!


Plan it, order it, make it, eat it.


So simple isn't it?!


Yet why are we (me included) all struggling to do this?


Because we want it to be harder


We want to think it's complicated


We want to know we're special.


We want to have a damn good excuse to blame our wobbling bellies and rubbing thighs on.




and excuses are a coping mechanism.


~ Truth is, eating too much sugar, and too many calories, added up over months, slowly adds body fat -


hey, you didn't see it coming on the scales?


Me neither.


But we've been foolish, stupid and the weight has crept on.


So there we are, overweight, unhappy and looking for a complicated reason to blame.


'my metabolism is slow'


'I've always been fat'


'I can't stop eating oreos'


Honestly, I've heard all the excuses, and made several myself.


BUT - when you peel back the awkward truth and realise that body fat accumulates in a simple way.


And the way to get rid of it (a meal plan) is pretty simple too.


Well then it actually gets HARDER to get rid of the body fat.


Because FIRST you gotta admit you've been a bit of a lazy dickhead.


For example, it's pretty simple to be a millionaire....


You wake up before everyone else, work hard on the right projects, stay smart with your money and add massive value to other people's lives. And do this for 20-30 years with minimal down time.




But how many of us are rocking the Rolls Royce on the way to work?




Patterns be emergin' !!


When the way is simple, but the time commitment is LONG, we choose the simple, short time commitment.


Meal plan and losing body fat = simple to do, long commitment


Watch Tom Hardy, eat ice cream and gain body fat = simple to do, short commitment


So check your commitments


If you're always making excuses, and I might add, believing your own horse shit, then you will NEVER be successful.


You'll always be a shadow of what you could become


Time to grow up, get some courage, and admit that you've made some mistakes.


To sum up:


"The definition of hell; on your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became."


What will that feel like for you?


train hard




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