Fitter, Yes, But There’s Always a Twist…

It’s that moment, towards the end of your favourite show or an engrossing new movie…

….when you just SCREAM and feel like your sacred love has been flushed down the toilet…

Shutter Island, Fight Club, The Departed….

….’Luke, I am your father’ [Star Wars]


what’s your favourite plot twist of all time?

Like movies and TV, there are a TON of twists in the tale when you’re trying to get in shape

For example, busting your ass in the gym whilst eating salad AAANNDDD you don’t look any leaner after 30 days, what the hell?


Planning a super healthy week of meals….

Then you remember that just this week you’ve got a wedding, a colleagues leaving do and a meal out with family. DAMN. There goes the diet.

Sound familiar?

What if I told you that you could GUARANTEE that the foods you ate and the workouts you completed added up to a leaner, stronger body?

Cos I bet that right now you kinda feel like the guesswork isn’t paying off, right?

Well, here’s exactly what we do for our clients on ALL of our body transformation programs (Lean Girls, Built and Team TONE)

> First step is to take a marker of EXACTLY where you are right now. 

This means measurements of your neck, arms and waist, your bodyweight and pics of you with your top off (guys) or in sports bra and leggings (ladies). Pics from the front, back and side.

We do this for two reasons:

1) - this gets you MASSIVELY motivated to change, nothing worse than seeing the love handles hanging over your waist


2) - we now have actual measurements so the guesswork can stop and the science can begin


Next step is getting a SPECIFIC calorie target for your goal and your body (current bodyweight then higher cals for muscle gain and strength, lower cals for body fat loss)


We find most people do not eat enough, so our calorie goals are pretty high so we can train intensely and recover. 

Because recovery is how the body changes and the harder you can train and the quicker you can recover, the faster the body changes

This is impossible to do on a calorie restricted diet, so we don’t do that at all just to be clear.


After that we TEACH our members how to be self reliant, how to create meal plans

What to do when you’re at a wedding or a meal out with friends

What foods burn the most body fat

What foods you must not eat if you want instant results and a tight, toned stomach

How to ‘cheat’ on your diet successfully without affecting your results

……Theres a load more, but you get the idea. SUPER in-depth and actionable stuff that I’ve found changes people’s LIVES, as well as gets them 1-2 stone leaner in the first 90 days

That’s just the education side of things too

We also focus on weekly accountability and 24/7 support from a nutrition coach

….and I haven’t even spoken about the training yet! 

Does that sound like it would help your ‘get-RIPPED-for-the-summer’ GOAL?

If so, drop me a reply and we can talk about getting you into one of our private body transformation programs

In 3 months time it will be the END of august and the height of summer!

How would you feel 1-2 stone lighter, leaner and more confident about your body?

Click reply and let me know what you’d like to achieve

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