Fleeting pain vs Permanent pain

I always ask two questions when people begin training with me...


1. When was the last time you trained consistently?


....they normally say '6-12 months ago'


then I ask:


2. What stopped you from training consistently?


The answers are so insightful I thought I'd share with you...


> I was too busy to train.


> I tried a normal gym and got bored.


> I tried a normal gym and felt intimidated.


> I did [generic] diet and lost loads of weight, then stopped and it piled back on.


> I had kids and gained weight.


> I needed someone to motivate me and I didn't have that.


> I didn't know what I was doing in the gym.


> I didn't know what to eat to change my body.




I've experienced ALL of these (except having kids).


I bet you can relate to some of these too.


But I can clearly see that all of these answers are more commonly known as




Why do we make excuses?


Is it to rationalise failure when the truth would be too painful to face?


Probably. Yep. Actually that's pretty much nailed it.


So if making excuses KEEPS us in pain (weak, overweight, insecure etc.) but the TRUTH is painful too....


...well that seems like a lose/lose situation to me.


So what can we do about it?


In short: Man-up, face the truth, admit you've made mistakes and....




I own a fucking gym and some weeks I don't train


because "I'm too busy"


I tell you what, I am not too busy to arrive 30 mins earlier than usual and have a quick workout.


But I make the excuse.


I drive past THREE supermarkets on the way home but I rarely do a big healthy food shop


because "I don't have time to do the food shop"


So I make the excuse.


It's fucking painful to admit that I could be stronger right now


I could be leaner


I could be more muscular


I could have a week's worth of food prepped in my fridge


Still, I'm not going to dwell on the pain.


Accept, forgive myself and move on.


There is no other way.


Right now, if you want help to get in shape, I'd bet the world that you're making one or more of the above excuses.


If you can't face up to the painful truth...


which is FLEETING, like a punch to the face.


Then you'll never get in shape, experience true health and strength.


Instead you'll live a painful life, emotionally and physically.


and that pain is PERMANENT.


Which would you rather...?


Fleeting pain or permanent agony?


Face up to the truth and get your arse in the gym.


Train hard




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington.