food poisoning...FML

so… this past weekend I got some food poisoning


to be honest, I don't think it was food poisoning. 


But my body was rejecting too much junk food over the weekend.


I mean, I really went to town.


I know this isn’t what you expect to hear from a fitness professional


But that’s what I did. 


I’m not proud (but shit, at least I'm honest!)


I want to restore my health, and your faith in me (!) so here’s what we are going to do:


> lay out some basic rules for eating healthily


> set out the PILLARS OF LIFE to live your code each and every day


> be more active, let your body act like a human body, rather than an insect locked in a cubicle. 


The goal is to NEVER sit there, late on a Sunday/early on a Monday morning, hugging the toilet, crying out 'I'll never eat shite food again!!!'




If you've ever drunk too much - yeh it felt like that, just without the guilt and fun memories.


Anyway, onto today's lesson team....




1) Ban bread, pasta, gluten/wheat products 


If in doubt. Don’t eat it.


The breakdown of wheat products in the small intestine can negatively affect gut bacteria.


This may cause you to get bloated, feel a little sick after eating, or have a bit of a sugar/energy crash after eating.


Gluten has been shown to give coeliac type symptoms (abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea etc.) EVEN IN NON COELIAC subjects.


So don’t think you are ok to eat these products, and really, what’s the harm in taking them out for a little insurance and the massive upside of potentially improved digestion and overall health?


Ban em!


2) Limit sugar consumption


This probably doesn’t need much explaining.


Sugar ingestion increases the release of a hormone called insulin, which brings your blood sugar levels back to a normal level.


If this response happens too often, however, you can become resistant to the effects of insulin (kind of like your mate who can drink 10 pints and not get drunk - they are resistant to the effects).


Insulin resistance is also known as diabetes.


Limiting sugar consumption also helps you to make good food choices. Blueberry muffin or scrambled eggs? Hmm, now you have a critical thinking framework to use. Eggs don’t have sugar in, so pick the eggs.


Make sense?


3) Limit dairy consumption


Dairy contains lactose, which is a type of sugar (disaccharide).


Many people are intolerant of the way this sugar breaks down in the gut, basically because it isn’t fully absorbed.


This unabsorbed lactose then ferments in the small intestine (which sounds bad enough), and may result in bloating, abdominal pain or diarrhoea. 


Although it must be noted that removing dairy also means removing the main source of calcium in most people’s diets, so focus on getting a lot of nutritious foods, e.g. oats, spinach, nuts, legumes - good whole foods basically. 


** *


Overall, limit dairy and sugar (but you can still have a little bit) - but ban bread/pasta and gluten 


You will feel a million times better and have a ‘code to live by’ which will help you pick healthier foods.


Tomorrow we will work on our PILLARS OF LIFE


Which will be things like, morning rituals, meditation, tips & tricks on being lazy whilst sticking to a meal plan


Talk to you soon guys


And, I feel a million times better now, perhaps I had to go through the experience to help you all better (and sort myself out!)


Rise Above




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