Forget What You Think is Possible

For every ONE ripped, lean 'selfie' pic I see online...

...I know there are thousands of people who are nowhere near that state of physical perfection

Many people are annoyed, frustrated and ready to give up on 'dieting' and going to the gym

Maybe you feel like that today.

But know this

When you are trying to change yourself you must suspend disbelief

Literally FORGET what you THINK is possible

cos that's likely holding you back right now

Remember the FACT that humans can look amazing naked

You are a human, right?

Stop trying to get just 50% of the way to your goal, get 100%

Stop shrinking your goals, make them BIGGER

Stop making things EASIER, try HARDER

Stop trying to do things ALONE, get HELP

Stop complaining at every little thing (i.e stop being a little b**ch)

When you make your goals BIG, try HARD, get HELP and start EMBRACING the chaos of changing your body, mind and life for the better

then you will get your goal

I believe you can do this, even if you don't right now

But like I said, forget your beliefs and limitations around what is possible

Remember that you are simply human

Are you ruled from time to time by emotions, yes, of course

Are you able to follow in the footsteps of others and get a lean, strong, awesome body?

Hell yes.

Be inspired by those around you

Seek out people who can help you and who are already where you want to be

Move past your self-imposed boundaries and know this:

If it feels tough, painful and scary as hell when you're taking action, you're on the right track

Better to feel the pain of taking action than the pain of regret anyway

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Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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