funny story - (you'll learn too...)

I gotta be honest... 

sometimes it can be a NIGHTMARE to train people

think about it....

all the irrational, self-conscious fears and frustrations people have about their physiques are thrown up all over me and my team each and every day

not to mention the kazillion times I have to correct people who believe prevailing myths and lies from the confusing fitness world...

'won't lifting weights make me look like a bodybuilder?" ...I wish

'you have to cut all carbs to burn fat yeah?"  ....uh if you want to hate your life then yes
and on and on.

Now I love helping people and this is part of the job

But recently I realised that if I have to tell people the same stuff every day
that's MY problem for not teaching it correctly.

And perhaps my way of teaching could change....

So I organised a professional photoshoot as a gift to all my clients

They could come in, have pictures done of themselves (topless for guys, sports bra and shorts for ladies) so we can track the results and make sure VISIBLE changes are happening as a result of training on our programs....

then the funniest thing happened...

People started getting SCARED

Shit became REAL

I was gonna take a look at their bodies in a way that they probably hadn't themselves.

Credit to the guys, most people stepped up and took part in the shoot!

Which was an awesome learning experience in overcoming fear

But the really FUNNY thing was....

For the 12 weeks that followed up until we did the 'after' photoshoot...

> I got less questions
> I didn't have any myths to fix for the millionth time
> the guys were motivating themselves by putting their before pictures on their fridge or as their phone background

They were INSPIRING THEMSELVES to make a change

And suddenly what I was teaching was sinking in.


Bet you've never looked at a body transformation from a coaches perspective now have you?!

But how cool is this?

a BIG lesson here guys....

If we find a way to firstly overcome a big fear, then inspire OURSELVES daily....

Results come fast.

I believe this is integral to success now.


So much so that I promote FEAR as something to move towards




You're scared of dieting and changing your body, right?




Move TOWARDS that, it'll be the kick up the bum you need right now.




You're struggling for motivation now, right?




INSPIRE yourself by taking a picture, taking some measurements...




...and PROVE to yourself that you are going to change this shit for the better no matter what happens over the next 3 months!!




Whatever it takes, talk to yourself and support yourself.




Then a coach can guide you and show you the right actions to take




But the inner support and drive is what makes it happen




Getting awesome people and great training partners around you helps a ton too.




So how much of that are you doing right now?




Food for thought huh?


Speak soon


Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength Gym


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