Get CONTROL over yourself and SPEED up results 10X

I want to share one thing that has defined my life for the past 6 years

This one thing will help you to commit to your fitness goals with a fire you’ve never felt before.


* * *

Running a gym is the biggest challenge of my life and it’s been a wild ride since day one.

It’s like having 10 jobs all rolled into one; manager, coach, company director, marketing executive, TV presenter, writer and I could literally go on and on.

Funny thing is, I never wanted to have all of this – I just wanted to own a cool gym and have a job I loved!

It’s morphed and grown from a tiny shed gym, to a huge business and multiple staff members and I’ve had a LOT of skills to learn from scratch along the way.

But….I love it, the challenge keeps every day busy and rewarding, yet, the pressure can get to me.

This past month has been exceptionally tough on an emotional level, simply pushing myself to work (and worry) about several projects at once caused my mind to have a mini-meltdown.

So I took a step back from it all, took a couple of days off and reflected on WHY I suddenly felt so lost and frustrated with the whole business…

…..then I focused on WHAT I could do to fix the issue.

And you know what?

The answer comes back full circle to lifting weights and training

Simply put: When life is crazy, training is the one thing that makes sense to me.

I feel mentally relaxed and in control when I train.

But why is that?

Well, I know how to lift. I know how to eat to get visible results quickly.

So lets say that I have some SKILL around fitness (good job really!)

….and that makes me feel in control and confident.

We could say then, that

in life where we have skill we FEEL in control

And that’s a HUGE key to progress. READ it again!

Just to relate to your own goals for a moment, if you don’t UNDERSTAND how to eat or how to train, you are going to feel stressed when you ‘hit the gym’ because you have low skill, and thus a low level of control over the end result.

It’s like being the passenger of a car that’s driven by an idiot.

You want to DRIVE the car yourself (or escape!)

So perhaps you aren’t seeing the results you want right now

Maybe you’re having a mini-meltdown over a lack of results

You might even feel like you don’t have time to train (classic, yet shaky excuse)

So you need to take control (or you’ll feel like quitting!)

Well, here’s something to help you stay in control….

> eat protein, eat veggies at every meal and eat MORE than you think! FUEL THE MACHINE

> train with weights 3x per week (60 min sessions), I’ve found this to be optimal for 99% of people, and honestly, you probably spend more than 3 hours just in your car every week, right? Invest the same time into your training.


Don’t let the simplicity deceive you.

Consistency in training and eating is the ONLY way you are going to be successful.

Consistency only comes when you feel in CONTROL

Yet you can only feel in control when you understand exactly what to do (eat clean and train hard)

If you don’t have a clue where to start, well ask for help! We help people put together plans for nutrition and training then coach them through the process. We make fitness really clear for people.

* * *

Hope that helps you today, no matter what issue I have with business or training or anything else in life, I now take time to understand the problem, learn any skill I need, then take control through consistent action.

Let’s end with a quick example of how powerful consistency can be:

One of my clients has been training with me for 3 years, yet always said he struggled with nutrition. Over the past 8 weeks I put a coach on his case and FORCED him to eat clean and consistently for a focused 8 week period.

RESULT = he lost 25lbs in 8 weeks, melting more body fat in that short time than the entire time he’d been at the gym.

And realise this: he has trained HARD for 3 years, eaten healthily, done pretty much everything right

Yet the power of 100% consistency multiplied his results 10 times.

Realise you can achieve 12 months worth of results in 2-3 months, why not?

Just push yourself to be committed and consistent.

That’s the real secret to success.