Go All The Way

Hey guys, quick Friday fire up for you!


You want to be successful?


Jump off the cliff

You can’t back out half way down



Imagine an alcoholic trying to get sober

Then having ‘just a little drink’ every night

Is that person going to get sober?



IF, for example, it takes 101 workouts for you to get an ideal body

And you only do 100, if you settle…

You may as well have not done ANY at all!

Be unreasonable

Turn up and hit the 101st!


Get the next one in, and the one after that, until your goal is DONE

That’s called GOING ALL THE WAY





Be unreasonable with yourself and commit fully

THEN you’ll achieve greatness.


Have a great weekend


Anthony Shaw
Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


PS - if you want help from me and my team here are a few ways to get UNREASONABLE!

1) email me at rawstrengthgym@gmail.com... what’s your goal? How can I help you get healthier, stronger and feeling awesome?

2) find out where your breakthrough is with the Fitness Breakthrough Questionnaire, find that here: https://rawstrengthgym.wufoo.eu/forms/the-fitness-breakthrough-questionnaire/ 

We can then arrange a call and discuss with you what your goal is and if/how we can help

3) Take a look at the rest of our site and apply for any program, and we’ll set up a call to walk you through your fitness blocks, bad habits, and put a plan in place to transform you for the rest of your life.

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