Here’s Why a Team Makes You Stronger

Louie Simmons has a great philosophy for his gym, Westside Barbell Club, that is; we are stronger as a team. Seeing as he trains powerlifters (individuals, rather than team athletes) this may seem a bit of a strange statement, but when it sinks in to your mind, the ‘team belief’ is vital.

Let me explain…..

Imagine for a second that there are two gyms, they’re just across the road from one another and they have a big lifting competition coming up in 6 months.

The first gym, ‘lifting solo’, is full of men and women who love to be the strongest in the gym. As soon as someone becomes the new strongest member, everyone else loves to chase their lifts and take the crown. When one of them becomes the strongest, they treat everyone else somewhat as enemies, and hope to stay the strongest for just another workout…

On the other side of the street to ‘lifting solo’, there is another gym called ‘team lifting’……

This gym is full of people who love to be the strongest in the gym, as soon as someone becomes the new strongest member, they all love to chase their lifts and take the crown. BUT, when one of them becomes the new ‘gym champ', they treat everyone else as a team mate and teaches them how to be strong too.

Can you see why this is important? I emphasise this concept in my gym, ‘train like a team!’ If someone is benching without a spotter, run over and help. If someone is stretching or lifting wrongly, give them some advice. Teach each other those little tips that help you lift more. Create your own team environment!

This has had an incredible effect on my gym, both in results and in environment. You can just imagine how cool it is to train in a place where everyone helps each other and wants everyone to do well. When new people join, they are instantly part of the team and progress faster than ever. We still make things competitive, but the records will be pushed further when everyone is pushing together to beat their OWN records.

"Don't compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday.” 

How can you apply this to your own training? Well, firstly, get some good training partners. They don’t have to be strong, but they should want to help you get better, and vice versa. Secondly, try and join a serious gym with your own coach. Finally, know your own fitness & strength levels, test yourself throughout the year and if you are improving compared to YOU - well that’s all that really matters.

We are stronger as a team.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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