Here's why you keep skipping the gym...

Week after week you may find yourself renewing the vow to finally 'hit the gym', yet that day never comes.

Rather than waste time repeating the same unproductive behaviour, do this:


They say showing up is half the battle.

I'd argue it's more important than that.

But the problem for most people is that they don't have time to train. Work long hours. Are too busy. Family comes first. Stuck in traffic. And on and on.

What do you notice about all these reasons?

That's right, they're all horse shit.

Excuses exist so you can forgive yourself for NOT doing what you said you'd do.

Ruffled your feathers? Good. I'd rather not upset anyone, but digging into your own excuses and seeing them for what they are (i.e. a coping mechanism for failure) is a vital part of this process.

Knowing you're making excuses is step one.

Next, it's time to pattern the correct behaviour in a ZERO PRESSURE environment.

So you might pack your gym bag, put it by the door, but not intend on going to the gym.

Do that every day for a week. Get good at it. Become world class at preparing to go train.

Weird tip yes, but this is about opening your mind to a new behaviour.

'Prepping' for a workout is step two.

Now we must find the time to train.

The most effective (read: brutally painful) way of creating more free time requires you to track just how unproductive you are at the moment.

Grab a sheet of paper, or make a sreadsheet, and track your time in 30 min blocks for a full 7 days.

Start at 5am and go right through to 9pm.

Yes, 5am. Even if you're sleeping at that time, track that as your activity. Because people do train at 5am, and that could be the only time you have to train.

Time tracker example:

5am - sleep

0530 - sleep

0600 - wake-up

0630 - get ready for work

0700 - commute

0730 - commute

0800 - work

blah blah blah

1630 - finish work/commute

1700 - commute

1730 - get home

1800 - watch TV

1830 - mess about on phone

1900 - take kids to football

1930 - watch kids football

2000 - watch kids football

2030 - get home

2100 - watch TV

^^ Do that for your own life ^^

Be honest!

Next, and the final step, rejig your schedule to leave a 45-90 min block of time free to train 3-5x per week. Include time to get to a gym (if that's your plan), or note that you'll be training at home or running on the road. Be generous with the time surrounding the workout, for example, include time to shower if you train in the mornings.

Obviously, the next step is to go and train, but because getting to the gym is MOST of the battle won, first let's summarise this method.


1. Be aware of your excuses. They are simply coping mechanisms for failure

2. Get your gym kit ready every day. Practice good preparation.

3. Track how you spend your time in great detail.

4. Reschedule your time (it is YOUR life, remember) so you have time to train

5. Show up!

Interestingly, most people go from never training, straight to attempting to show up.

But what happens?

The schedule creaks, cracks and compromises.

Excuses sweet talk you into quitting as you drive home.

Not being prepared and procrastinating wastes potential workout time.

Then you quit.

Instead, take baby steps towards training becoming a regular part of your life.

Put yourself first, and ask for support from those around you.

Soon you'll drop the excuses, see that you've failed to stay healthy...

...and DO something about it.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington