How (and why) to NOT overeat...

“you can do it Ant! Have some more cornbread then wash the steak down with some beer!”


New York City - 2011


I have had eyes bigger than my stomach MANY times. But nothing worse than in NYC a few years back, when me and Sara went to what can only be described as a ‘food barn’ called Dallas BBQ.


Food was served in troughs, literally mountains of food on your trough. And you just felt full and bloated after about 5 mins/2 bites.


BUT - when in Rome….you get it down your neck don’t you! 


At least, that’s what I did.


Felt like crap for days after, sluggish, little worried what the scales would say when back in the UK. 


Bet you know the feeling.


We all do it, but WHY?!!


The body likes food. It thinks you aren’t gonna eat again, like we’re back out on the plains of Africa thousands of years ago. Kill or be killed. Binge eat then starve until your next meal.


Problem is, we can binge eat EVERY day. 


Ain’t no starving going on is there! 


So now we must temper our appetites with logic.


Do I really need that fucking mega-trough of food from the local food barn?


Do I really need to have a large sugary coffee, when a small one is still as big as my face?


Could I eat a smaller meal, wait 10 mins, and see if my paranoid caveman/woman (cave person) brain calms down a bit and goes ‘huh, yeh….that is enough food actually’ ?!?!




Is it hard?


Yes, you are trying to eat less than your brain is asking for.


But eat too much, and you get fat.


So a good strategy IS TO EAT BIG MEALS


But go low calorie


A big pile of chicken, salad, soup for starters, fruit and sugar free jelly for tea


You’ll be full so your primitive brain is happy


You’ll not have over eaten so your logical brain is happy


You will lose weight so your mirror will be happy


Don’t be like me. Don’t overeat and feel like crap.


Take a few deep breaths and satisfy BOTH parts of the brain. 


Binge out smartly (if you even feel the need to)


Trust me it helps


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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