How can you cure back PAIN in 2 moves?

They say there’s two ways you can INSTANTLY make a friend for life….


…To make them remember you, even LOVE you FOREVER…


They are:


1) save their kids lives




2) remove their pain


Seeing as it’s unlikely this message will save your kids lives…


Let’s focus on removing your pain!


Specifically, I’m going to show you how two moves can cure 99% of back pain in about 30 mins




This may not help those with degenerative bone conditions, fused disks or other joint/spinal problems - although I’d give it a shot if that sounds like you….


This DOES help EVERYONE who has a niggly back pain, or back pain when they start exercising or lifting


Before we get to the two-step-pain-healer (Hallelujah!), let me explain what’s causing the pain


Your body is made of muscles and bones, simply speaking


Nothing you didn’t know, right?


BUT did you know that SURROUNDING the muscles is a tough, fibrous tissue known as…




This ‘fascia’ is kind of like a cling film that holds your body together


It’s essential, basically


Problem is, the fascia can hold scar tissue from previous injuries


Or it can ‘morph’ into a position you adopt for long periods of time…


….say, sitting on your arse at work…


The tightness in the fascia then, can PULL on the muscle…


Which in turn PULLS on the tendon


Which is connected to your bones/joints


And THAT causes joint pain.


SO the key to a free, mobile and pain free body is of course, to stretch, do yoga, all of that good stuff that nobody does


But also, it’s important to release any tension within the fascia.


Make sense?


So - the most common tightness we release with our clients is in the BUM


The glutes


Reason being you’re sat on your bum most of the day and the fascia and the muscle gets tight


So ….


STEP 1 - release the fascia surrounding the glutes (I will show you how in a sec)


Step 2 is a trick to help support this glute release and STRETCH out the muscles on the front of the hips that directly oppose the glutes (meaning they tense as your glute muscle relaxes and vice versa)


Called, the hip flexors.


The hip flexor muscle basically lifts your knee up to your chest


It is anchored (originates from) your lower back, the lumbar spine


So for MOST people, when tight, this causes a sharp twinge or shooting pain in the lower back


Or just a niggly ‘ache’ that you feel most of the time


STEP 2 - stretch out your hip flexors (again, I will show you how in a sec)


So combine these two movements, anyway you like, for about 30 mins of an ‘easy’ rehab workout


——It is super PAINFUL at first though, just a warning! —


…NOW you are improving your posture and making the glute muscles take over the job of holding your spine upright…


Rather than your lower spine bones holding you up like an old piece of rotten wood holds up the roof of a coal mine….


What I mean is; That shit’s gonna collapse at some point and it’ll hurt! 


Anyway, here are some OLD videos of me doing these moves, so forgive the bad quality, these will help you for sure!


STEP 1 -


STEP 2 -


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And stay tuned for the next message where we are gonna cover the next surprising fitness TRUTH:




…Say what? 


It’s true, I’ll show you how to do it next time


Until then, sort your back pain out!


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Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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