How I Got Fat and Why You Shouldn't

This year I decided to do what everyone else ‘normally’ does and started a diet.  

You see, I had committed that deadly sin of ‘bulking and cutting’. For some reason the bulk had tempted me and my days were filled with endless starch lows and sugar highs!


I went to Canada and the USA for a 3 week holiday last October and the food over there was amazing! Wendy’s, MacDonald’s and other fast food outlets were frequented. I tried to have a milkshake almost every day and I didn’t train at all for 3 weeks. Hey, it happens to us all….


Anyway I put went from 84kg to 91 kg from the start of October to the end of December, that’s a gain of 7kg or about 15lbs. S**t!!


Whilst I’m sure some of it was muscle as my strength levels were going through the roof when I did train, lets be honest, I turned into a fatty.


So in January this year I got myself a diet coach and set a goal of completely changing my lifestyle and improving my health.


I’ve lost 3kg in 5 weeks and I’m looking much leaner than I ever have before!



All I want to demonstrate here is that bulking and cutting is useless! Keep eating healthy ALL THE TIME as a lifestyle choice and your hormonal profile will improve and staying lean and building strength and muscle will become much easier.


Here are my thoughts on what a good diet should consist of, and this is how I eat now:


  • Vegetables should be part of EVERY meal
  • Protein should be grass-fed or at least organic
  • Take fish-oil every day and get healthy fats from avocado, nuts, oils etc
  • ….eat more fish!
  • No sugars at all, limited starchy carbs unless after a hard workout
  • Have a good post-workout shake with sugars and protein (I use chocolate milk)
  • No processed foods (didn’t think I had to say this but you never know!)
  • Two meals a week I have cheat meals where I eat what I want to keep myself sane and keep my metabolism from shutting down completely
  • I use almonds and peanut butter for snacking with the occasional boiled egg.


That’s about it. Really small and simple set of rules that has turned me from a puffy looking guy to a lean machine! My strength has improved too!


Try to apply these points to your lifestyle and enjoy the results!


As always, if you have any questions or comments just drop ‘em below :)

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