How To Become A Rock Star

One of the most important things in sports, as in life, is understanding the difference between wanting to do something….and actually going on to complete it!


Lets look at a quick story;


When Steve was 12 years old he knew that he just had to be a rock star; surely it was written in the stars that he would soon be selling out stadiums and taking huge groups of girls backstage! So he began to learn the guitar, his parents bought him a years worth of guitar lessons, as they were always supportive of his dreams, and a promise that after 3 months, if he still wanted to play, then they would buy him a new electric guitar!


Steve was interested in getting a new guitar so he stuck at the lessons and sure enough, he received a shiny new axe! But after a year of lessons and practice Steve seemed to hit a brick wall, he struggled to learn new and more difficult songs and felt like giving up. At this point his passion for becoming a rock star was stronger than ever, so he started a band and just enjoyed playing music for a while.


After 5 years and numerous line-ups of this band, Steve had played hundreds of small venues, sold his own gig tickets, started a youtube page, promoted more popular bands who they were supporting and networked with small time record label executives. It felt as though he was making some progress!


Steve was interested in getting a record deal so he kept on promoting himself and his band, but soon he struggled to find bigger and better places to play. It seemed as though he was playing the same places each week and nothing was growing, again, he felt like giving up. At this point his PASSION for becoming a rock star had been fuelled by the little tastes he has had recently, so he knew that he wanted it more than ever!


Out of the blue a band who had an existing record deal emailed Steve and told him to come along for an audition as they needed a new guitarist for their European tour. Steve practised and honed his superstar qualities with an even greater passion for success.


Needless to say, Steve became a rock star. When things weren’t going his way and nothing was growing, he made sure that he grew his PASSION for his ultimate goal and the right way always presented itself. He had an interest, but he also had PASSION!


Steve had a friend who asked him what he needed to do to become a rock star just like Steve. So they sat down and Steve told his friend that he needed to get music lessons, or at the very least buy an instrument and teach himself. There are countless songs to learn and memorise, the perils of stage fright, miles of walking and talking in order to promote gigs if you want more than 2 people to show up.


You must organise a band and every subsequent practise each week, spend thousands of pounds on petrol and equipment, start a youtube page and record one video each week. All the while working on new songs and a great stage persona so people will actually like you and enjoy your performances!


Well Steve’s friend said that he was definitely interested in becoming a rock star, but that seemed like an awful lot of work, so he’s gonna give it a miss for now.


Steve had a passion for becoming great and achieving his goals.


His friend was only interested.


Are you passionate about achieving your goals? Are you doing the things that no one else wants to do? If not then don’t expect to succed. But if you can develop your PASSION then you’ll go far!


And for those of you who are merely interested in success, my advice is: don’t even bother!


Get interested, then get some passion.


Now if you have any questions, just drop them in the comments section below!

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