How to Believe in Your Self

Self belief

It's a powerful thing

Yet YOU are letting yourself down

This week was the same as last week.

Every day rushing past with no meaning or purpose to your time

Just work work work


Feeling busy and stressed is normal


Not 'refilling your cup' means you will run on empty

This week I've already shared a TON of stuff with you

SO here's my challenge to you....

What are you going to do today, tomorrow or Sunday to IMPROVE your life?

Pick ONE area from the below - goals or mindset or habits or schedule

just one!

Then take action and DO the thing

You got this


1) write down your goals, and review your current behaviour. Think, "is this decision taking me further away from, or closer to, my end goal?"

2) expect to be low on energy from time to time. Don't make a perfect plan because you're not a robot

3) again >>> ANY plan is better than no plan. So go run 3 miles, do 15 mins of press-ups and squats, go and walk up a big hill. DO SOMETHING! You don't need a plan you need to get started.


1) realise that feeling stuck is normal

2) go back to your true drivers - what do you really want to achieve? Why do you want it?

3) how could you improve a few tiny parts of your life?

4) realise that feeling stuck is normal so take the pressure off - and we ALL feel this way quite often!

5) go back to your past - what do you want? Why do you want it?


1) TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF your habits. If you're falling off a new habit don't drop the habit simply make it easier to achieve. E.g. 5 mins activity rather than 20

2) Over a period of a few weeks, build this small habit up slowly until it's optimal


1) Grab a sheet of paper - paper and pen works better than an app or online calendar

2) draw a weekly framework - Monday to Sunday

3) block off work times - time you HAVE to be at work. If you work from home or are self-employed don't just mindlessly fill out this time. Do you really have to do that many hours? Are you being effective? Anyway, we can't do anything for ourselves in work time so let's block it out

4) block off 30-90 mins EVERY day that is YOUR sacred alone time. Mornings are best for this IF you will get up earlier to do it. But any time works. Lunch times are also good.

5) Pick ONE nice thing that you 'could' do in your sacred time.

learn French

learn piano

read shakespeare

practice chess

do yoga

walk whilst listening to audiobooks

phone radio stations and try to win all their competitions

...whatever you like!!

6) add YOUR time into your daily routine.

* * *

You can make a big improvement in your life

The key is getting started

Don't expect miracles, but do take that first step

Make some notes, turn the computer off, turn your phone on silent and get started now

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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