How to Build Endurance and Play Like a Beast…for Longer!

Building sport specific endurance rarely involves long distance running….but you knew that right?


Running to get fit is pointless unless your sport involves running at the same pace for a long period of time!


Most team sports that mainly involve running around on a pitch or court have constant changes in pace; you walk slowly, jog, sprint all out, constantly change direction, jump AND do whatever skills your sport requires at the SAME time!


Your conditioning training MUST reflect this!


So hit the gym and lift HEAVY weights, and then on a separate day or immediately after your strength session, go outside and do your conditioning!


Do some research, if you’re typically sprinting or running fairly quickly for around 30 seconds in your sport, then you should be sprinting for 30 seconds in your workouts!


Boxers train in 3 minute intervals because boxing is made up of 3 minute rounds.

If a boxer just did lots of long distance running, there’s not a chance in hell he could last multiple 3 minute rounds!


So for a rugby player, work periods in a game range from 10-35 seconds, so conditioning training should focus on multiple sets lasting between 10 and 35 seconds using sprinting, sled dragging, jumping, farmers walks etc.


For a basketball player, lets say work periods range from 30-90 seconds, so conditioning training should focus on multiple sets lasting between 30-90 seconds using sprinting, jumping, change of direction drills, medicine ball throws etc.


Each workout, work harder during each interval (more weight on the sled, sprint further in the same time etc.) and try to add a set here and there and watch your game endurance fly through the roof!!


You will also melt off body fat, get quicker and look better. Can’t argue with that!


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