How to eat for BIG gains


To put on loads of quality muscle you gotta eat right! To burn as much fat as possible during the day it helps if your diet is spot on.  

  • You gotta eat high quality ANIMAL protein


Protein makes you stronger! Make sure you eat loads of protein to build muscle, or to help preserve muscle when fat loss is your aim. Grass fed beef and fish that has been caught wild in the ocean are your best options.


  •  You must get at least half your plate covered in veggies


Vegetables are a BIG source of vitamins and fibre. Your body is designed to run on a mix of carbohydrate from vegetables and meat. As soon as you eat more veg you’ll notice that you feel better, sleep easier and your energy levels will be constantly high throughout the day.


  • Match your carb intake to your training; less carbs on rest days, more carbs after intense workouts (think sweet potatoes, brown rice etc.)


Veggies are a source of carbs BUT you have a green light to eat as many veggies as you want! What I’m talking about here is starchy carbs like rice and potatoes. Starchy carbs help with endurance during sport and recovery afterwards. By limiting carbs on some days and having more on other days you will train your body to utilise carbs better!


  • Have a BIG manly breakfast


Have a breakfast that fills you up! Make it high in protein and fats. This will set you up to have steady energy levels throughout the day, as opposed to a sugar crash from sugary cereals or just not enough nutritional value from other ‘healthier cereals’. Your breakfast should make you want to get out of bed!

  • As soon as your workout is over grab a post-workout shake ASAP, I have a litre of chocolate milk…fast acting carbs and proteins…everything you need.


  •  Fish oil is a super supplement, take it! Benefits include faster recovery due to reduced inflammation, better rate of fat burning and loads more cool things.


Training is awesome, but as soon as you really change the way you eat as a lifestyle change, you’ll see quicker results, look better, feel better and live longer. You owe it to your body!


Make sure you pick ONE thing that you can do here and start doing it today! Taking action is the most important thing you can do, how hard is it to pop a few fish oil capsules in a day? Should be pretty easy to drink a post-workout shake right?


These things are SIMPLE! Start them NOW and you won’t look back :)


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