How to get disciplined.

MASSIVE topic today!!!


F-it up and you have ZERO chance of changing your body


Yet despite the mystical, ‘life-coach’ vibe that discipline has, it’s actually really simple to do.




Decide upon your PURPOSE




Write down a GOAL aligned with your PURPOSE




Come up with some WEEKLY or DAILY actions to help you achieve your GOAL




Make a SCHEDULE and stick to it!




Create some DAILY RITUALS that help you stick to the damn schedule.


Here’s a quick example:


A few years ago I had a client who lacked the self-confidence to take his shirt off at the swimming pool.


This was a problem because he couldn’t take his son to swimming lessons, meaning they were missing out on some valuable father/son time.


He came to me and we spoke about why he wanted to get in shape, what’s his purpose?


His purpose was to take control of his life, get confident, so things didn’t hold him or his family back anymore. 


Then we link it to a goal, say, lose a stone of body fat.


He now knows WHY he is doing so.


As you can see this is some powerful shit.


Then the weekly actions to support this goal were: to attend 3 sessions a week, to eat clean, non-processed foods 6 out of 7 days.


The daily goals were: sleep 7 hours minimum, drink 2L water minimum and have at least 4 small meals per day to control hunger/cravings.


The schedule is simply a way to put the weekly/daily actions on paper and tick them off, like a to-do list, but with specific times.




Monday: train at 6am, eat meal one at 7am, eat meal at 11am etc.


The daily rituals, the final piece of the puzzle, is a way to keep energy & focus up. 


It’s basically like managing morale.


Rituals are ways to put your brain on auto-pilot and stop you wasting decision making power on trivial stuff like ‘what should I have for breakfast?’


An example of a ritual is:


Wake-up 5.15am

Have a shower

Put gym clothes on

Make a coffee

Prepare 3 simple meals for the day

Drive to the gym and train


^^^ you do that every day you’ll be in shape


The daily ritual is the nitty-gritty, dirt-under-the-fingernails stuff that actually leads to your goals being achieved, and your purpose fulfilled.




Think about your purpose, think deep, this one is the hardest part.


Now write down a goal that will help you live your purpose


Then make daily/weekly actions, stick those in your schedule, and create daily rituals to make sure the essential stuff gets done with minimal fuss.


Nuff said


Do that and you’ll achieve everything you want in life


Also, this process works for ANY goal.


Personally I have struggled to achieve many goals in the past, and I watched successful people, read the books, watched the youtube vids.


I was always looking for the next secret to helping me achieve my goals


And this is what I have found works, more DO-ing, less sitting on your arse and moaning


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