How to Shed a Christmas Light on Your Life...


"Damn", I thought. 


"150,000?!! There just ain't enough time to do all this."




Christmas - a great time of year for reflection...


Perhaps for many people, the ONLY time of the year where any reflection is done


...not many people keep a daily journal of lessons, breakthroughs, goals and gratitude


But if you can, you'll have immense clarity and focus all year long.




The best thing to reflect upon is TIME


How much time did you waste this year?


Because I just checked, not many people live beyond 80 years of age.


For me, that's 51.5 years left.


Now, stats bore me. 


I'm very much a visual person, so let's paint a picture... has over 150,000 titles available for listening


150k audiobooks! 


Let's say each book is on average 3 hours long.


thats 450,000 hours of listening.


Stay with me here...


Ive got 51.5 years left, which adds up to about 450,000 hours of LIVING left


(that's actually a weird coincidence I literally just did the maths on a calculator right now!)


Anyway, about 25% of that time we gotta sleep


So drop off 110,000 hours right away


I have 340,000 hours available to listen to audiobooks


....oh shit, I gotta eat, work, live, train, hang with friends, travel..


get the picture...


there ain't much time left for audiobooks.


What about TV boxsets, netflix, DVDs, playstation, facebook!! 


We really don't have much time left at all


it's so important to spend it wisely.


Looking at the audible example we can see this


I now only choose the stuff I really want to listen to


Because waste a few hours here and there and you literally won't have time to do the things that you want to do in life.


Same in fitness


Waste time doing the wrong things, or trying every fad out there


And you won't have time to do the things that really matter




Spending time with your friends and family


Enjoying the benefits of being healthy


And loving LIFE!


so this year, this christmas, when you reflect


Take a look at how you spend your time


Invest your time ONLY in things that matter.


Make 2016 a huge year for you and your family.


Merry Christmas from me and all the Raw Strength Family!




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