how to fix CBA thoughts

had an interesting chat with a client this morning about habits

We have an app which tracks daily habits

Basically it gives you 3-5 tasks to do each day

Things like, take 10 mins for a morning ritual

eat all your calories

be active for at least 20 mins

When you do a task you get points

Then we have a gym leaderboard challenge - most points wins

It's fantastic and has been the best thing I've ever seen for changing human behaviour

BUT there is a problem!

Not with the app of course

with our minds

Here's the thing...

When you miss a few days of logging on the app, your mind says something like:

"ah I can't be arsed now, I'll never catch anyone else up, I quit"

First there's a big drop-off in EXECUTION, then motivation drops off too


If you've tried a new habit and it's already disappearing, here's what to do:


don't drop the habit simply make it easier to achieve.

5 mins activity rather than 20

2 mins meditation rather than 15

2 healthy meals a day rather than 5

Then you build it up slowly until you're back on top again

Simple solution, but it's so obviously the right one

This works for me every time I drop off

And every time a client comes to me asking for help, I always scale back their plans so they can achieve it - thus building motivation and the need for a bigger challenge

Make sense?

Above all, know that this is normal!

Nobody is 100% 'on it' all the time.

Everybody drops off, drifts away and feels guilty

Just scale it back and build it up

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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