huge healthy mindset FAIL most people make!

Fitness gives you a focus, a North Star, to guide your waking hours. 


Having a clearly defined purpose is an important part of sports psychology.


A purpose = WHY you are doing what you are doing.


Here’s a good example:


You can probably tell me what you do at work, but WHY do you do it?


…and I don’t mean to earn money or to look after your kids, everyone has responsibilities.


WHY do you do it? 


What’s your mission?


What do you get out of your work?


Things get murky fast when you think like that don’t they?!


That murkiness exists in your PHYSICAL BODY every day, if you don’t have a focus on fitness. 


People with fitness related goals know exactly why they…


> eat the way they do (the food itself, the portion size, the time of day - everything)


> think positively and set out goals (hint: because if you go to the gym without a plan you can't workout!)


> mobilise their bodies and learn about joint/muscle pain 


> train using their chosen method (a runner runs, a rower rows - they know why they are doing it)


I could go on all day, you get the idea.


SO - if you know WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing, you feel focused.


If you don’t know you will feel lost, confused and keep looking EXTERNALLY for short cuts


Remember, this is such a commonly known problem for people like you, that there is a HUGE industry selling diets, snake-oil supplements, ‘magic’ clothing, six pack electric shock pads etc.


They know you are confused


They know you don’t know your purpose


They market a purpose to you artificially to get your money.


But I want you to be successful, fit and healthy, for the rest of your life.


So what is your WHY?


Why do you want to be fitter?


My why = I want to learn as much as I can about nutrition, training and mindset and teach that to others to rescue people from boring, meaningless lives working a 9-5, and thrust them into feeling happy everyday and living longer. By doing so I get to work a job I love AND I get to be healthy, fit and in shape for as long as I live (which hopefully will be a long time).


But, I get that this is a tough ask, to find your why.




Allow the thoughts to surface as and when


But here are a few good ‘North Stars’ I have helped our members to write down, you may vibe with one of them.



Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington 


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