I got 99 fitness problems and Crossfit's one.....


Goddammit I have woken up FIRED up and ready to make a change!!


This is my bullet pointed attempt of an 'I have a dream' speech...


.....for fitness and health of course.


And no intro, I'm just gonna rock it out.


here we go!


I have a dream that ONE DAY...


Supermarket food will be monitored so you can't feed sugar to a fat kid.


Big companies can't get people addicted to sugar.


Animals are cared for in a way that gives us meat full of nutrients to fuel the human body as backed up by research.


Corporate farming does not exist, farmers markets are everywhere and are promoted MORE than macdonalds and KFC.


.....imagine driving down the road and seeing 'Ricardo's Prime Grass Fed Beef' billboards. Moooooo I'm lovin' it.


The government subsidises farmers to provide food of a high quality for a cheap price. Not to satisfy trade agreements or supply/demand, but to GROW STRONG HUMANS.


We (Great Britain) start winning at world sport on a regular basis because we have strength and conditioning coaches in high schools.


There's a national program for strength training, mobility and training is compulsory at least twice per week (....bit fascist I know).


Spinning, bodypump, zumba and fitness methods that are LESS effective or dangerous (hot spin-fucking) are outlawed.


[I am serious: You can't drive a car that's unsafe or not up to European standards, WHY do we accept the confusion and increased incidence of injury that poor fitness programs give to the general public.]


Crossfit is about to get it's own section....


I have a dream that...


> Crossfit has stopped fucking up people's shoulders, knees and backs.


> People understand that Crossfit is a sport and no more than a sport.


> People have started to prepare for Crossfit WODs and competitions the way a rugby player prepares for game day.


> Crossfit lovers, again I say PREP rather than COMPETE. In rugby the scientific term for this is "not fucking playing rugby". Instead we focus on stretching, eating clean, lifting weights, not getting injured (as that happens on the field anyway) and working on skills at a non-competitive pace. What could you learn from this?


> Crossfit gyms have all fucked off and real strength and conditioning gyms dominate the fitness market.


> Crossfit coaches, if they must hang around, have to hold degrees or certifications in human physiology, anatomy, metabolism of exercise, nutrition, S&C and sports psychology.


> Coaches with a only weekend certification but massive amounts of experience are probably awesome coaches. So they should be required to sit a competancy exam to differentiate themselves from idiot Crossfit coaches....of which I fear there are many.


Back to the general world of fitness now...


I have a dream that...


> doctors have to be healthy before they can give advice to patients.


> doctors have to lift weights, understand lifting weights and the benefits to bone density, hormone production, joint health and the IMPROVEMENT to degenerative diseases like arthritis.


> doctors have subsequently stopped telling us all to stop lifting weights and putting our feet up and have instead become the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket:


[Your doctor AKA Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Holy Jesus! What is that? What the fuck is that? WHAT IS THAT, PRIVATE PYLE?


Private Gomer Pyle: Sir, a jelly doughnut, sir!]


....We'd shit our pants and be lean, strong and happy as hell if doctor's were like that. Scary though!


> the government actually holds opinions about health and food rather than saying stupid shit like, "eat all the food groups all the time in equal measure."


To sum up today's rant with another rant.....


A LOT of people have messaged me thanking me for these articles/posts/rants - whatever you want to call them.


Thank you all. It's so motivating to have an awesome audience.


But a few people have joked/commented that I seem angry, or that I need a hug and other lame jokes....


This isn't anger, this is passion, this is how I live my life.


I'm not angry. I AM fed up of people in the fitness industry who wake up everyday and work for money and money only.


We could all wake up every day and make a difference through learning, real programs, nutrition behaviours and coaching.


Fitness has become too much about the latest podcast, book, online program and 'how do I get more clients.'


People who teach others about nutrition, strength and life improvement must live for change, work for change and teach change.


Not scam people out of £50 for a 21 day juice cleanse.




I would probably vote for a horrible dictator in the UK if he promised me:


> "Deadlift Wednesday's"


> Ricardos farmers market set up shop inside Tesco.


> Crossfit outlawed as a training method (although that might make it even cooler with fight-club style basement gyms hmm...)


> Hard ass skinhead Doctor's who must lift weights or lose their medical licenses


> Coaching is recognised as a life-changing career. No longer seen as plebs who run bootcamps and wear shorts all day. But people who have the keys to unlock health, happiness and strength in all people.


Phew, that was a big rant. But I'm still smiling :)

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