I Only Want To Help ONE Person With This Message

Fitness does not 'work' for everyone


....and that includes our programs too


Reason is, group training programs can't make everyone happy because they can't fix underlying issues such as:


> being too overweight to train intensely


> being on medication and needing a 'lighter' training program


> having a joint replacement and needing specialist personal training


> working odd hours or shifts and unable to make 'normal' fitness class times


> wanting to get back into training but feeling way too nervous/weak/unconfident to start a group program




The need for a personalised program is real if you have one or more of these issues.


If you feel like you need a little help to overcome these types of obstacles


message me back NOW with your goals AND your concerns


I'm here to listen, help and advise.


That is quite literally, my job.


I have one space left in a 9:30am PT group that may allow me to help you move past ALL your obstacles and blocks...


....I'll help you reinforce your goal and your decision to become a better version of yourself.


Together we'll move all your activity onto the achievement of your goal


But like I said, I only want to help ONE person with today's message


If that person is you, please have some courage and email/message me back


The 3 hardest things to say in life are:


1) "I don't know"


2) "I need help"


3) "I was wrong"


If you don't know, need help and feel like you've made mistakes with your fitness and health in the past.




I'm here waiting to help.


Talk to you soon