I think about Cheesecake when I'm in the shower...

suckitup-300x292 There I was, lying on my bed with my 'cheat food list' on my chest

my top off

wondering what the hell I'd done last night....

Ever been dieting and the only thing you can think about is the food you're NOT supposed to be eating?

Me too

In fact, unlike a lot of personal trainers and fitness coaches, I openly admit that I love a little bit of good food now and then

Cheesecake especially.

So I completely understand your struggles

And I want to share something that's helped me a LOT.

It's a 'cheat food list'

Basically whilst you're eating 100% clean, whole foods in the week you WILL have cravings and urges for junk foods, right?

Well, instead of eating them in the moment

You simply schedule them in for later in the week, normally a saturday...

E.g. it's tuesday tea time, you want fish and chips and can't be bothered cooking

But instead of eating the junk, you schedule it for Saturday.

Now, when you get to Saturday you'll have a list of 3-10 horrifically calorie dense foods and IF you really do feel the need to eat some crap, pick 1-2 meals and eat them

^ progress would be better without this

but I know from personal experience that a little bit of junk food and getting back onto the clean foods straight away is helpful

Sometimes easier than being overly optimistic and 100% clean for 2-3 weeks

only to wake-up feeling guilty after a cheesecake binge and giving up completely

** just don't eat all 10 junk meals on your cheat food list or you'll end up feeling sick lying on your bed, I've been there and it ain't a good look, this is a mental exercise!! **

It's about playing the LONG game

Here's the cool bit...

Once you recognise that your junk food urges ARE NOT REAL

And you write them down instead of eating and sabotaging your progress

Then you are training your mind to enjoy planning, control and success

Instead of impulse, lack of control and frustration.

Sound good?

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington