I thought it was forever....


Years ago I worked in a bank.


It gave me some regular cashola to help run the gym in the early days.


But damn, I HATED working there.


I hated getting up every monday and NOT working on my passion.


I hated the feeling of wasting time telling idiots why they didn't have any money in their bank accounts (uh....maybe the reason is this £5 million repayment of a wonga loan!!??)


And above all, I hated getting to the gym each evening WIPED out from a days banking.....then at the end of my gym shift knowing I had to do it all again the next day.


I thought I'd be there forever. 'twas a horrible catch 22.


Yet the day I quit was the most relieving, pleasurable F-you I've ever had.


But looking back it was bittersweet.


Because there was actually NO good reason to quit.


At the same time there was NO good reason to stay.


This TRICKED my brain into waiting for....dun-dun-dun.....


the 'right time' to quit


Fuck the right time!!!


You heard me


It doesn't exist.


I could've quit after a week and I'd have been fine.


The worst thing I did was let myself get comfortable with the security of regular pay.


Why am I telling you this?


Because my choosing to stay at the bank whilst hating it is EXACTLY the same as your situatino right now.




You are choosing to stay weak, overweight and depressed but you hate feeling this way.


You're waiting for the right time.


meh.... it doesn't exist.


Just decide to be successful.


decide to step up, put your hand up and say "Ant, I want your help please."


Email me, message me, post on my facebook profile, text me (number's on google), go on the website


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it's only 97 quid for expert coaching and a guaranteed result for f's sake!


But if you do none of those things RIGHT NOW


Then you are choosing to be average.


you have free will, liberty and freedom of choice


Use it.


I have much more respect for Bob who works at the bank and hates it but CHOOSES to remain because he lives in a cardboard box and he'll be retired 5 years from now.


versus Ricardo, who works at the bank and hates it but is WAITING for the right time to leave.


“I know people that are dead at 25 and don’t make it official until they are 80.” - Grant Cardone.


what are you waiting for?!!


Exercise your decisive power today and let's get you a healthier, stronger, happier life.


Finally for today.....there may not be a right time, but there sure as hell IS a wrong time!


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