I wrote some goals out this morning..

...and I was surprised at how far away they seemed.


First goal: gain 5kg of muscle - gaining 0.5kg (or 1lb) of muscle each month this is 10 months away presuming epic commitment to diet and training, no holidays etc.


Second goal: gain 10kg of muscle - that's at least 2 years away.


For you, let's make some quick goals now...


SET A TARGET: If you want to gain muscle, how much do you want?


BE REALISTIC: Gain a pound or half a kilo a month...


TIMEFRAME: How many months away is your goal?


Or maybe you want fat loss...


SET A TARGET: If you want to lose weight, how much do you wanna lose?


BE REALISTIC: you can lose 4 pounds (or 2kg) each month...


TIMEFRAME: How many months away is your goal?


If you want to gain a stone of muscle, that's a 14 month goal.


If you want to lose 50lbs, that's a year away.



That's the shite none of us want to hear.


But think of it like this:


These goals are based on FACTS.


you can choose to not believe in facts


But it doesn't change the validity of the facts!


So wake up, realise that you're going to have to get onto a nutrition and training plan that will take 1-2 years to achieve your goals


and just know that that is OK!


Know that everyone, me included, have to face the facts and commit to things long term!


Big businesses aren't built in 2 weeks


Imagine if I tried to sell you a 'get rich in 28 days' program


You'd laugh in my face


But you've probably bought a juice shred or starved yourself for 2 weeks and wondered why you didn't have abs.




1-2 years folks


1-2 years.


Which obviously sucks but you gotta take account of a few things:


1) you will ONLY stay on a program for 1-2 years if you like the training and enjoy the food.


2) you can't enjoy a program if you train alone in a gym, or if you train with nobheads.


3) you must be able to keep your mind on the day to day details (like cooking healthy meals, doing the food shop, stretching and showing up to the gym)


4) you must also be able to keep your mind on the faraway goal - the reason you are doing the day to day stuff.



So how far away is your goal?


Don't be de-motivated, we're in this together.


I'll have my goal in 2 years time


will you?




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