Ignore The Pain, Achieve The Consequences


If I said, you could earn a million pounds if you picked the healthy option out of the following:


lettuce vs pizza


I hope you’d enjoy your million quid 


cos thats f-ing easy to see, right?


So if you already know what’s ‘human food’ and what isn’t


Then why do we ALL find it so hard to eat clean and hit the gym?


Well, it comes down to looking at the consequences of your actions


…and this is classic human nature btw…


We are all coded DEEEEEEP in our DNA to mainly look at short term results.


ever heard of first order consequences?


that’s what I’m talking about


how about second and third order consequences?


we’ll get to them


This is the EXACT reason people quit eating healthier foods and quit going to the gym.


Allow me to explain with the example of getting pissed, as that’s something we can all relate to.


….you head off to the pub with your mates


You begin to drink (ACTION)


You get happy, laughing and steaming drunk after 2-20 pints (depending on your capacity)


Being drunk is a FIRST order consequence


Flash forward to the next morning, you’re in pain, miserable and badly hungover


This, my friends, is a SECOND order consequence


Finally, your partner divorces/leaves you because this is the 18th time this month you’ve been out late, wasted money, been a lazy sofa dwelling hungover person, and you forgot to take the kids to school AGAIN


That last part, is a THIRD order consequence.


Make sense?


After each action there are three orders of consequence


FIRST = drunk


SECOND = hungover


THIRD = lonely and sad


So let’s return to fitness and the reason we all fail to carry on with a program/diet…


The action, let’s say, is starting a new diet and joining the gym…


FIRST ORDER CONSEQUENCE = painful workout, sweaty, out of breath, thinking “shit I’m outta shape!”


SECOND ORDER CONSEQUENCE = muscle soreness, ridicule from work colleagues, low self-esteem, high self-doubt


THIRD ORDER CONSEQUENCE = fat loss, muscle gain, lean healthy body, happy life, being there for your kids, grandkids, family, friends - living a bloody long and fantastic life! 


^^^notice anything?


The first two orders of consequence are PAINFUL


The final one is EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted.


The problem is, most of us don't stick with it long enough to get the lovely third order consequence stuff!


Yet there is one thing to do…


Think forward to the THIRD order consequence of your actions


Fixate on it


It will become your PURPOSE


Your reason to get out of bed is that final consequence of your actions


FUCK the pain of a workout, it won’t last, you’ll recover and be fitter and stronger


FUCK your friends and work colleagues making fun of you eating salad, they are only jealous and bitter, don't let them entice you into eating non-human food


FOCUS on the third order consquences


Move past the pain, fear and doubt into a new realm of health, strength and happiness.


…If you’d like to become part of our gym, well TOUGH, you can’t just show up


Unfortunately we look after our members a little too well for that...




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For 6 weeks we require a deposit of £149 to see if:


a) you will do what we ask of you




b) see if you like it


If you complete the 6 weeks, we just roll the 150 quid into a membership OR refund it, no hard feelings.


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Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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