I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll....

EvilWolf1remember the children's story about the little piggys?

And the Big Bad Wolf?

Every day I speak to a TON of people

People who want to change their bodies

Their health

Either to feel better about themselves


To improve performance for a sport

Yet what I hear is EXACTLY like the story of the three little pigs.

Here's the 8 second version as a reminder

> Three pigs want to build houses for themselves

> Two of them are lazy little buggers and use sticks and straw as building materials as it's quicker

> Those two pigs then go and play and have fun

> The third pig uses bricks to make his house and it takes longer so he can't have fun

.....and then

The Big Bad Wolf comes along

Blows down the houses of the lazy piggys

And eats them!

The third pig is chilling in his brick mansion, by the way.

Now, I get what you're thinking...

....how in the HELL is this related to those people you speak to regarding their fitness?


Most people are like the lazy pigs

They want the shortcut

The easy way

The fun way

And end up wasting money on shakes like Herbalife or Forever Living

Which only exacerbate the problem

Or they'll go to a gym every day for a week

Then never go again

Quite simply...

If you want to make a long-term, radical and LASTING change in your body, your strength, fitness and health

Then make your house out of bricks.

Want the help of me and my team to show you how?

Well fill out this form and tell me what you want to achieve

Together we'll come up with a strategy and explore the possiblity of working together

And if you don't.....

The Big Bad Wolf is going to eat you


Have a great day

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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