in the gym, no one can hear you scream!

"You're standing in the petrol station queue one wet Thursday afternoon, glance at a magazine cover model and just think 'fuck it, I'll never look as good as him/her.' "


Just me?


When you decide to get a new body, build muscle, lose fat - whatever...


It's an awesome feeling; a mixture of control and optimism.


But when you go alone, even with a plan, those emotions fade and for you, rather than a blissful 12 months of getting into incredible shape, your fitness journey feels like....


> nothing you do has any effect on your belly fat.


> your workouts are boring by friday of week 1


> your back/hips/knees/shoulders ache and you don't know how to rehab them


> the £30+ per month gym membership seemed like a good way to motivate constant training 'I'll sign-up for 12 months and then I'll have to go!' .....but within weeks that 30 quid is just a write off. A waste.


> your diet is pretty 'clean' yet you still can't shift the weight and you don't get why.


> you may look at calorie targets and macros (grams per day of protein, carbs and fat)....but it all seems too complicated.


> you might do well for a month or so, but a change at work, a holiday, a long day of driving or being stuck in traffic...and before you know it you're back in front of netflix with a pizza. Old habits die hard.


> you still can't get rid of your belly fat and it's starting to piss you off. Begin looking into supplements, shakes, juice diets (Read: FADS).


> you look at other methods of training rather than a commercial gym: personal training, crossfit, spinning, swimming, maybe even starting a sport - but all those things are 'too expensive' or too scary.


> you have a resurgence in motivation maybe 2-3 months into your lacklustre program, realising that the clock of life is ticking, only to find yourself in front of netflix AGAIN!


> you buy a few fitness foodie type books like 'lean in 15' and feel like you've found your awakening! Cooking healthy meals is so much fun, and after all, eating clean means you'll lose body fat, right?


> you're standing in the petrol station queue one wet Thursday afternoon, glance at a magazine cover model and just think 'fuck it, I'll never look as good as him/her.' Then you buy a creme egg and go back to netflix instead of hitting the gym.


> you get into lifting weights then realise this shit is painful! You don't know what you're doing and the weights section is full of orange coloured meatheads.


.....need I go on?


ALL of these above scenarios have occurred for me at one point or another.


How about you?


I mean, fitness is such a confusing place.


There's only one thing that cuts through the BS.


Wanna know what it is?




A coach tells you what to do based on past evidence and proven results.


A coach knows the plan gets results. SO when you freak out and panic that nothing is working, they'll calm you down and say 'back to the gym lazy!'


A coach motivates and inspires you to become the best version of yourself.


A coach believes in you when you don't.


There is no faster route to success than getting a coach.


I'd like to wager, that there may not be another way - hitting the gym solo is a recipe for disaster.


Not to mention that most gyms are massively overbooked and HOPE YOU DO NOT TURN UP. Or they'd be screwed!


Want a coach now?


We're running a 28 day kickstart program that's perfect for fitness beginners and people who've had a few years out of training regularly.


This program is 3 days per week, at our private gym, with a coach, training with 8-12 people just like you (i.e. friendly, up for a laugh people).


£97 for the full nutrition plan, coaching, private gym access and a guaranteed 3kg loss of body fat or your money back.


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