is herbalife a scam?

The Incredible Adventures of Herbalife!


Oh yes, it's time for a good old rant again.


Today we are talking down herbalife.


Expect unbiased reporting as usual ;)


I see so many people trying to make money flogging bottles of this chemically castrated cat-food to their friends and family that it makes me sick.


I get that you want to make money.


It's so sexy, the alluring 'work from home' headlines.


Unfortunately they are selling a dream that will never come true.


A quick google reveals several high profile legal cases against the company. Being accused of running a pyramid scheme.


Meaning, you get in at the bottom and you lose.


Google 'herbalife side effects' for a quick way of turning green too.


But that's not what I want to focus on today.


Today I want to make at least ONE person read the damn labels of what they are eating.


Hopefully that person is you.


When you look at a label, let's say of a packet of rice, you are looking for a few things:




If there is more than one ingredient, and it's a main part of a meal (the meat and veg) the general rule is put it back on the shelf.


More than one ingredient is the definition of processed food. Although some things are ok (explained in point #2).




If there are carbohydrates in the food, you're looking for a lower amount of sugar.


Let's say you are buying a few items that DO have multiple ingredients (whey protein powder, mayonnaise, mustard, peanut butter to name a few), then less sugar is better.


Compare a few. Use your logic.




Back to Herbashite.....


So after 20 minutes of searching for information about what's actually in the shakes, I realised:


The Herbalife company is running a cover-up.


It's so hard to find the damn labels online that I had to ask myself if they were hiding the information on purpose.


After 20 mins I FINALLY found the right ingredients for their 'Formula 1' shake.


Gotta be honest, I discovered a few scary things:


#1. There are more than 36 ingredients!!


The primary ingredient being sugar (fructose).


Now compare this to chicken having just one ingredient. I literally don't know what most of the ingredients are! Would you put that chemical cocktail into your body?




#2. There are 56g of carbs per 100g.


Hmm. That seems pretty high for someone wanting to lose fat.....


Ah yes, a quick check on the Sainsbury's website and we can find less carbs per 100g in a fucking Snickers bar!


Meaning their ONLY claim to being a viable weight loss strategy is purely based on limiting calories.


Well guess what? Limiting calories by removing fat is a purely mathematical approach to weight loss. You need fat!


Increasing the amount of sugars and chemicals in their products is probably because it's cheaper to make.


Ever read the label on pet food?


They include things like ground up bones, ASH, inedible things like that.


Well, herbalife shakes are the human equivalent.


I can see the board meeting now....


BOB: "What's the cheapest way we can make this, so it still passes as fit for human consumption?"


RICARDO: "We could copy the recipe for cat food, take out the ash and bone dust, and maybe add in some fructose, corn syrup, hmm, some other cheap chemicals?"


BOB: "Ricardo, that's....that's fucking brilliant! Now, do you think we could convince poor, unsuspecting people to flog it to their friends and family so we can kick back and do some Crossfit?"


RICARDO: "Let's tell them they could earn money whilst working from home!!"


[Camera fades to black, villains laughing hysterically....]




Look guys, here's how I see it....


Herbalife focuses on calorie restriction. They do not care if most of the calories you consume are sugars....


...cos hey, it's less than 200 calories per serving! Whoop!


I'd rather eat the snickers bar.




To sum up, the only reason this is a massively successful company is because the marketing manipulates your emotions.


Want to lose weight fast?


Of course you do.


Is it possible?


Not really.


Drinking sugar water and chemicals whilst limiting calories may be a great way to appear lighter on the scales.


But it's not making a blind bit of difference to your fat cells.


Eating clean foods and training hard. Showing up every day and having daily motivation and support is the ONLY way to get in shape.


Dare I say it, daily hard work is the SECRET.


Read them labels!


train hard.