It's Monday, has the diet started?

If not, don't worry - you're normal

Only 0.000001% of the population is out there instagramming their prepped meals

Most of us just can't do that

Here's why:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Simply put, prepping meals may not suit your life, tastes, daily schedule, emotional energy levels and about a billion other variables.

When we want to diet, the problem you and I have is MOTIVATION

Seeing that 0.0000001% prepping their meals and polishing their six packs every Sunday night on social media makes us feel like crap

Motivation drops off to zero

And you ASSUME you can't diet because there must be something fundamentally wrong with you.

What if I told you there were other ways to diet that you could stick to?

Having a personal chef, for example, who cooks you healthy meals anytime you snap your fingers

Could you stick to that?

I sure as hell could

Or you could get two meals a day prepped for you by a meal prep company.

Can you imagine yourself getting on with that strategy?

What about a lunch of 600 cals that fits into your calorie target easily? I mean, you could go out on your lunch and buy 600 calories of anything you wanted!

Do you think you'd be successful with the lunches?

Don't jump straight to self-judgement, like thinking "I can't diet" OR "I can't prep meals like that"

Because these thoughts let you off the hook

They are EXCUSES

Just stop

See the problem as it really is.

You don't have time to prep meals?

Cool, now we're looking into the problem and can find an appropriate solution

What do you have time for?

Do you have time to microwave rice and throw it into a lunchbox with pre-cooked chicken and some cucumber?


Can you go out and buy a lunch from a supermarket that fits your calorie target?


Keep coming up with strategies and stress-testing them in your mind

1) Could it work?

2) Would you stick to it?

3) Would you enjoy it?

How about on Wednesdays when you feel depressed and tired? Will you stick to it then?

Make your diet something that suits YOU

Then you'll express your genius, enjoy the process and feel more like yourself

Stop copying the shiny fitness models, they aren't you.

They have less stress, more time, more experience than you

And only a few people enjoy prepping meals too - the analytical types usually.

Know thyself

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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