it's summer shred time dudes


Ah the sun, we all love it.


It's a great reminder that summer is on the way


Which means suncream, ice-cold beer, melting ice-cream, sand in your shoes, endlessly reading the latest sexy-tease novel....


....but there's a bigger issue that nobody ever talks about...


Feeling GOOD about taking your top off (guys) or feeling confident in your bikini (girls).


I don't hear anyone talking about the fear of de-robing on the beach, do you?


Yet I know for a fact it's a big issue because 99% of all my clients started out with this emotional driver behind their fat loss goal.


SO let's f-ing talk about it!


If you are scared about taking your top off on the beach...


1) do not go jogging a few times a week


2) do not take forever living, herbalife or any other shake based diet


3) do not sign up for a spin-class or join a commercial gym (even if it is £5 per month.....there's a reason it's cheap!)


4) do not starve yourself or build your meals around soup, apples and salad




I want you to realise that there is a world of fitness that you don't know about.


There are workouts that you can fall in love with and diets that require you to eat MORE food than you currently do.


You can easily lose a pound a week of body fat, often more, without jogging, starving yourself or living on shakes


And above all:


You CAN feel proud of your body and have a great summer this year - when your nutrition and training are spot on.


Doesn't that sound good?


Our next 6 in 60 day shred program will help you to do exactly that by melting 6kg of body fat off your body in 60 days or your money back


If you want to feel amazing this summer then the work starts NOW, it is tough, it is 'hard work' because we are doing things the right way - no gimmicks.


In the past you've probably struggled to lose weight, I get that. You may not even believe that this is possible, that I'm hyping up my gym.


But this is different to your past attempts.


Because with a team of coaches helping you step-by-step on a PROVEN program (running in Warrington for over 7 years) and the entire RSG tribe behind you....


...this time you'll make it happen. I know that for a fact.


All details (price, location, times) and how to register are here >>


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