Juice diets are a joke.



Juice diets are a joke.

They make NO impact on markers of health, happiness or performance

They dramatically REDUCE these, in fact

All for the sake of a quick loss of a few pounds of water weight and dropping a few pounds of undigested food (there's no food in the system, hence you're lighter)

If you know someone who's tried a juice diet

Or you've done a 'course' yourself

Trust me, all you'll see is negatives...

> hunger

> cravings

> tiredness and fatigue

When you then fail to improve your body shape

You blame yourself when in reality you've simply been conned

Fitness and the weight loss industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars globally

Do you think there may be just a few people in it just for the money?

You bet

Herbalife, juice plus and all the rest make money from distributors kicking profits up the chain

First one personal trainer is recruited and sells his clients a juice diet

Then part of his profits are paid up to his 'mentor'

Then he recruits five other trainers who sell to their clients and kick profits up to him

And on and on

Essentially it's a pyramid scheme that they call 'multilevel marketing' (how cunning)

It is Based around MONEY

Nothing to do with HEALTH and helping you get LEANER

The list of ingredients in the shakes is enough to confuse a cheap drug dealer, chemicals and sugar water basically

Your body is unhealthy, and so loses weight quickly at first, then stops - note I said 'weight' and not body fat

Instead You must base your diet around FOOD

Foods with ONE ingredient, not shakes with a hundred

There are NO shortcuts in getting the body you want

Smart, fast and simple methods, sure

But nothing life changing is gonna be achieved in 3-4 weeks.

More like 6-12 months

Let's face it, people, maybe you included, only fall for these scams because it seems easier

We are wired to take the easy option

> stay in bed vs get up for work

> watch TV vs walk the dog

> drink juice shakes vs train harder than rocky

Thing is, anyone can get in shape

You just need the motivation, knowledge and environment you're in to be based around success and support

DEFINITELY not someone who offers juice plus or herbalife to his/her clients

...and I have seen quite a few in Warrington....

Run like hell if you're around someone like this, there's no integrity or care for you

but thats another story I can rant about another time :-)

Remember - beware of juice scammers, it's not healthy, it's potentially fraudulent and illegal and you're only gonna lose cash in the long run. Start a program designed for strength, fitness, health and happiness over the long term

Play the long game and get in shape properly

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington