Just Do The Basics. But What Are The Basics?!

All too often I see guys attempt to follow programs written for seriously advanced, not to mention technically and genetically gifted athletes. This probably won't work for you.

What works for an advanced athlete probably won't work for you, and we should note, what works for you probably won't work for them.

But why? Well firstly, it's because you are two different people. As you get stronger you need to find the exercises that help you progress, for example, if I want to squat more weight I may find that good mornings definitely boost my squat, but it doesn't help my training partner, he finds extra benefit from glute/ham raises. Bear this in mind when training with others! What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. Sets of 10 reps might make you feel unstoppable or they might wear you out, find out what works!

Secondly, you must train at your level. If you're a weak athlete, train using basic exercises (the BIG exercises, squats, deadlifts, bench press work best), heavy weights and low reps. Elite athletes have a high level of strength and can maintain that level with a relatively small amount of training. You are weak and must train for strength 2-4 times a week to start the climb towards being an elite athlete.

A basic strength program comprising of squats, overhead press, bench press, pull-ups and deadlifts will build your speed, strength, power, muscle size, flexibility and general aerobic fitness levels. You don't need anything fancy at first!

Finally, I gotta mention that you need to work on ALL HUMAN MOVEMENTS. What are the movements I hear you ask? Squat, pull, push, hinge and carry.

Squats, pulls and pushes should be obvious, but let me just clarify the hinge and the carry; The hinge is simply any movement where your hips stretch back, like a deadlift or the bottom of a jump, think 'sitting back' whilst standing. The carry is when you carry anything for distance, e.g. farmers walks, firemans carry etc.

So now, to become a better athlete, just work on the basics:

  • Use the BIG exercises 2-4 times a week and nothing else (I know you're gonna do curls, just keep it quiet!)
  • Train all human movements using the aforementioned BIG exercises
  • Find out what does and doesn't work for you. Focus on what does work
  • Add a little weight or an extra rep to every exercise each week
  • Stretch, recover, eat well and sleep loads

And that's it. No secret recipe, no crazy russain 5 year periodized plan. Just the basics.

Do this right and you can live a lifetime of strength, health and success in sports! If you have any comments or need some advice just ask away in the comments section, and if you want to join Raw Strength then I'm currently offering FREE TRIALS for a whole 14 days! Just click here to get your FREE TRIAL!