Tomorrow I'm personally leading an induction seminar for all the newbies on our latest 60 day shred.


On Monday we begin training these people to get brand new bodies!


The goal is to lose 6kg of body fat inside 60 days, it's a big challenge, but 100% of our clients attain this result.


if you want to join, last chance to apply is TODAY.


The full 60 day program consists of:


> 3 strength and conditioning sessions with a highly experienced coach in our private gym


> 1 optional fat burn session in the gym each week


> personalised calorie targets for each member to optimise fat burning


> balanced protein/fat/carb targets each day so they can build muscle and strength, i.e. improve their physical performance AND body shape (not just about fat loss)


> 24/7 support. Any question, any worry answered inside our private Facebook group


> MASSIVE accountability. Your attendance TRACKED. Your food diary must be CHECKED each week. Your measurements LOGGED by a COACH. That's how we guarantee you get the result.


> Awesome community. Start next week with a load of brand new members in the same boat as you. Perhaps nervous, excited and willing to change. Beats going it alone.


> Access to the full Raw Strength Gym TRIBE. Our experienced coaches and seasoned members can give you their personal tips and advice, not to mention a helping hand in the Facebook group and in the gym. We have fun, we share ideas. We make sure EVERYONE gets results.


Want to do the 60 day shred?


Fill out an application below:


men's applications:


women's applications:


But it's your LAST CHANCE to apply because we start on Monday.


And after the seminar tomorrow I'm logging off till then and giving my clients the undivided attention they deserve.


If you can't make this one, email/message me back and I'll pre-book you onto the next one.


If you can make this one, step-up and apply.


men's applications:


women's applications: