Lazy? How to get Lean this Xmas...



Merry Christmas!!


Hope you're having a brilliant day with your family. 


Real quick message...


I've made an amazing video to share with you how I stick to my nutrition


Cos let's face it, we'd all rather eat mince pies than salmon and broccoli


Especially at Christmas, the food is amazing, yet unhealthy. 


But we all have that magic moment


at the end of the long, exhausting working day


When you know you should eat clean


But all you can do is throw a pizza in the oven....


So I came up with the LAZY BUT LEAN system


to WIN in these magic moments, yet in a really easy and simple way.


Watch the video


And learn the ONE thing that will change your 2016 into the fittest year yet


So you can have a lean, athletic and strong body for LIFE.


In a really easy way too.


Great video even if I do say so myself, really proud of this one.


Watch it HERE >>




I'm giving away FREE ebooks all through December


'The Ultimate Body Transformation Blueprint'


You'll learn:


> 7 critical mistakes most people make and how to fix them

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Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym


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We only have 12 places left for 12 men who are ready to work and commit to an intensive training regime, a smart nutrition plan and a proven system which will GUARANTEE you lose 1-2 stone of bodyfat by the end of March 2016 or your money back!


You'll also learn how to lift weights from scratch and build immense whole body man strength


And typically the guys add 3-4lbs of lean, rugged muscle on the forearms, upper back and legs - the parts of the body where you actually require strength for athletic events, challenges or just to get that 'power look' of someone who is truly strong (think strongman/powerlifter versus a pretty boy on the beach)


this is a tough program, but if you want in apply here:


it's less than 50 quid a week for experienced coaching and a guaranteed result


Like I said, 12 more places only then we'll close the doors for January and work closely with those guys. I highly suggest you take action and fill out a form and take a free call with us to discuss your options.


Applications close in just a couple of weeks.