life without meaning

Almost 10 years ago I started Raw Strength Gym

in a tiny storage room. With no idea of how to run a business.

Fast forward four and a half years and I'd grown the business into a large, really professional looking gym

...but I was DEPRESSED!

Growing the gym was my goal, it got me out of bed in the morning and fired me up!

But once I'd achieved that, mentally things went downhill

I'd hit my big goal and didn't know what to do next

There was no corporate ladder for me to climb - no formal direction

There was no way I wanted a bigger gym

And it hurt. I felt hopelessly lost every day

I felt like quitting, I did not enjoy any part of my life for a good 6 months.

I bought a new BMW, thought that'd make me feel happy


Then I tried a few hobbies and they didn't do it for me either

Just stuck. Lost. With no reason to wake-up every day

Ever felt this way?

What I've realised since then is THIS IS NORMAL!!

If you feel stuck and can't get motivated - THIS IS COMMON!

What I did was go BACK to the reasons I started the gym in the first place

> commercial gyms are crap, have no knowledge of strength training and nutrition - I want to fix that

> modern humans are really stressed out and need a challenge and a supportive environment to thrive - I know how to provide that

Then I set my sights on building a great community of members, researched and improved our programs that we sell, and put out quality fitness info every day.

This focus got me fired up again!

Because I was chasing something that I wanted, that I had ALWAYS wanted.

So why are you feeling stuck?

What do you do each day?

Now, go back to the first reasons you started down the path you're on.

WHY do you what you do?

Move past 'stock answers' here like "for my family" or "so I can be happy"

Think deeply and come up with really practical reasons

What pisses you off in the world?

What would you regret on your deathbed?

Now we're getting somewhere!

Simply write out a few ways you could improve your life...

...whilst staying true to your foundational values!

^^^ what you write down here - these potential improvements - THESE are your goals

We do this at RSG by making sure everyone reflects on WHY they are joining the program

This gives everyone a purpose to the training sessions and to a disciplined diet

Then once EVERY member feels driven, they start to support each other because what we do in the gym starts to improve everything OUTSIDE the gym

The team gets that and supports each other

....and that is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

1) realise that feeling stuck is normal

2) go back to your past - what do you want? Why do you want it?

3) how could you improve a few tiny parts of your life?

4) DO IT!

Get started today

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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