Lifting Weights Will Build The Perfect Female Body

‘But I don’t want to look like one of those muscly women!’

…Ah, I have heard this a thousand times.

Almost from EVERY female member we’ve ever had in fact.

Yet it is what’s known as a COGNITIVE BIAS

Know what cognitive bias is? Anyone?

Basically, it’s when your brain uses set patterns to make decisions

Yet if those patterns are faulty, BAD decisions get made

Such as…. NOT lifting weights if you’re a female!


Here’s some examples:

> You may believe lifting weights is bad because the first ever time you went to a gym, a female bodybuilder walked past you and you didn’t like her physique (….yet she was on steroids to make her more masculine at the time…)

> You may not know anyone who lifts weights and has a slim and sexy figure, so your brain rationalises it’s not possible (but it is)

> You may have GROUPTHINK and simply repeat what your friends and co-workers say without looking at the facts

> You may have preconceptions about lifting weights, I.e. You think it makes woman look muscular, and only SEE things that support your ideas (‘she can’t possibly lift weights, she looks too good’ OR ‘see her manly arms? THAT’S why I never want to lift weights’)

….making sense so far?

OK just one more :-)

> You STEREOTYPE the ‘female weight lifters’ group or an individual female bodybuilder and expect them to have manly, ugly bodies WITHOUT having real information about them or the right methods for female weight training….


SO shall we dive into the right methods?! 

Think about this….

….it’s a hot, summer’s day and you’re throwing a fat, juicy beef burger onto the BBQ….

Look at the size of the burger right now, raw and fresh.

AFTER cooking, is it bigger? Or smaller?

Smaller, right?!








In NO way has this burger become bigger.

Nope, it’s now smaller, tightly packed and harder to the touch.


Another way of looking at this is:

> it’s lost weight, become denser and more toned!

This is EXACTLY what lifting weights does.

Yet most ladies think weight lifting is about GROWING bigger muscles

That’s actually REALLY hard to do and many of our men struggle to do so

The body doesn’t want to grow big and bulky, it’s inefficient

It DOES want to become better co-ordinated, more neurologically efficient (you use more of the muscle you already have, also known as getting stronger) and STAY the same size.

From a survival perspective, if you started growing so large that any predator could push you over and kill you

Would that be a benefit?


Nope, being small, lean, fast and super strong IS totally a benefit though

Luckily for us, our bodies are designed to be lean, fast and athletic

And lifting weights is the ONLY way to stress a muscle to become denser, more toned and lose the body fat surrounding it.

Running, spinning and any other cardio exercise may burn fat….

….but if the muscles themselves do not get stressed to tighten up and look better….

Then a soft, weak body is the result - no matter how much body fat is burned away


FINAL point:

Arnold Schwarzenegger and thousands of male bodybuilders STRUGGLE to build muscle

They train almost every day, sometimes twice per day for HOURS

Adding 10-20lbs per year is INCREDIBLE progress for them and is NOT common

Yet, you think you’re going to add MORE muscle than a bodybuilder just from lifting weights?


Ain’t gonna happen lady

The body wants to be lean, small and athletic looking

Lifting weights is the fastest route to get there!


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