lose weight by eating more, wtf?

Leaving Uni as a 21 year old hot head, I thought I had all the answers.


I approached opening my new gym all those years ago with an arrogance that simply telling people what to do would get them results.


Life chewed me up and spit me back out. For example, when it comes to losing body fat we have a very simple energy equation:


calories in versus calories out.


But trying teaching this to clients when I'd just left uni?


No chance.


All my clients heard was 'so if I starve myself I will lose fat, yay!'




Damn you life! Thought I had it all sorted out after uni!!


You see there are lots of parts of fitness that are counterintuitive.


Because everything you do works in optimal ranges.


There's an optimal amount of food to eat, for you, right now.


Too much food and you'll gain fat.


Too little food (and this is the part most people get stuck on) means you will not lose fat.


The optimal amount of food (mixed with the optimal amount of training, but that's another story...) means you will lose fat.


Problem is, for 99% of people, they simply don't eat enough.


You try opening a gym and telling people to eat more food.


It don't work sunshine.


SO what do we do?!


First, we work out the optimal amount of calories for you.


Then, we explain how clean foods and a perfect training  program will optimise your hormonal balance.


Then we explain how optimal hormones improves fat burning.


Then clients start to get it. 'cos they understand eating more becomes a method to improve their hormonal balance, and they see that as a way to burn fat.


Now we are treating the cause of fat storage (less than desirable hormone levels/ratios)


We are no longer treating the symptoms of fat storage (less then desirable calorie intake because your belly wobbles)


But let me tell you, it's taken me freakin' years to reach this level of enlightenment.


Seth Godin explains this perfectly in his book TRIBES.


"People don't believe what you tell them.

They rarely believe what you show them.

They often believe what their friends tell them.

They always believe what they tell themselves."


Tell yourself your nutrition plan will transform your body from the inside out, be a lifestyle change you commit to for the rest of your life...and get this....it's something you enjoy...


Well, that's a far cry from a young kid telling you to eat more food.


Now you get this, like my clients do.


Please don't starve yourself any longer.


But you could quite easily eat too much too.


Instead of living in confusion, get help from my awesome coaching team to calculate your ideal calorie target, help you eat MORE food, so you can feel happy with your body again.


We are doing exactly that on our next LEAN in 28 program.


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