Lose With Grace, I tell Ya!

Lose With Grace, I tell Ya! 

This is going to be a very hard email for me to write

As a proud Welshman, at least!

England whooped Wales in the rugby on Sunday - in case you didn’t hear

Yet what really stood out to me, and a lesson for us all…

….is that despite winning 5 tries to 1 (I’m sobbing as I write this)….

The press wanted to know why so many conversions had been missed

 (Meaning England could’ve picked up a higher score, for all you non-rugby folk)

And I gotta admit…

I was impressed with what the new big-wig coach Eddie Jones said:

"It's quite amazing you’re focusing on that, and just shows the negative reaction in English rugby. It's quite sad.”


Which brings me to YOU, my friend….

What are you doing really WELL at the moment regarding health and fitness that you are ignoring and instead focusing on the negatives?

Maybe you ate super healthy for the past 7 days but you haven’t shifted a pound in weight yet?

Perhaps you have trained harder than ever, really consistently, yet you keep looking in the mirror and ‘pinching a roll’ ?


Look, it’s highly likely that you’ve abused your body for years, if not decades.

Meals out, loads of booze, skipping exercise and being outdoors

Yet you wonder why after 5-7 days of effort your body hasn’t changed...

Well, it’s got USED to being mis-treated

The body is amazingly resilient, don’t cha know! 

And it’s going to take some convincing to become healthy again.

You think you can reverse 5-10 years of unhealthy living with 5-10 days of effort?

The ‘dirty little secret’ of the fitness world is that getting phenomenal results is hard


We all look at pro athletes and imagine we could do the same if we had ‘their’ genetics


Because the reality is you couldn’t do the same

You couldn’t get in the same team as them with BETTER genetics

Because success doesn’t come down to luck, it comes down to hard work

And do you have what it takes to put in regular, boring, dirty, ridiculous levels of hard work?!

Waking up whilst everyone else is in bed and getting your work done

Staying up late to prepare your meals for the following day because you know you’ve got a busy day

You’re a grown-up now, hasn’t anyone told you?

So instead of focusing on the negatives….



And get yourself the body you’ve always dreamed of by putting the work in

AS hard as it takes

Whatever it takes

For however long it takes! 

My body transformation programs teach the FOUNDATIONAL principles of nutrition, mindset, accountability, strength training and fat loss protocols

Which means we can teach you exactly what to work on with your regular efforts

Because, I guess the danger is, some people DO work really hard….

But just on the WRONG things.

So my team and I will show you the correct way to eat, train and live so you can get the fastest results possible.

For 100% of our clients in 12 weeks we get 1-2 stone of body fat GONE forever

Add 3-5lbs of lean muscle (which makes the body leaner, denser and more athletic looking)

And strength and performance goes through the roof, giving you tons of energy for your day-to-day ‘stuff’

…And isn’t that the point of getting an ideal, healthy and great looking body?

So you can get more out of LIFE!


If you want to talk to us about your goals and exactly how we can put a plan together for you then fill out this application form:


Sara will drop you a text message to arrange a call

And who knows, by the end of August you could be another one of our success stories.

Just don’t mention the rugby for a while ;)


Speak Soon

Anthony Shaw