Have you ever seen someone try to quit smoking yet see them with a cigarette two weeks later?


Ever wondered why people give up in business when the going gets tough?


Or why seemingly big and strong athletes get beaten when they clearly should have won?


….I have thought about this a TON...


Basically - people who give up easily don’t have a reason WHY they are working hard


It’s not enough to have a goal


You gotta know WHY


you have literally got to have a burning desire to make a change in your life


To jump out of bed when the alarm clock sounds at 5am and GET AFTER your goals


So what’s your WHY?


It’s likely that you either don’t know, or you are focusing on the wrong things.


Let me tell you a story...


I used to have a gym in a garage where I trained athletes


To this day on a lot of our online articles and some old youtube videos it even says ‘the gym for athletes'


that was my thing!


I thought that my WHY, the reason I worked so hard, was to help athletes get into elite sport.


Training athletes was only a SMALL part of my MISSION


but eventually I discovered it wasn’t the burning desire behind everything.


I had to dig a little deeper inside my past, my personality and my life goals and dreams.


You see, it wasn’t just about athletes….


My mission GREW massively


Now my mission is to help ALL people overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives, and help them paint a bigger picture for their lives.


The way I do that right now is through teaching people how to get stronger, leaner and healthier.


Because that’s the best foundation I know of for a happy life. 


^^ so this sounds good, but it’s still not a reason WHY 


To find that out, lets go deeper again...


The reason WHY I help people overcome challenges is because I simultaneously want to help people, but also work for myself on my own terms 


This means having free time to live a great life, travel, do hobbies etc. 


This is non-negotiable, and when I did work for someone else I was miserable - I didn’t work to my WHY!


Make sense? 


It took me YEARS to figure this out, mainly because I never thought about it


I thought it was enough to have a mission and set some goals.


You need to realise, as I did, that there is a deeper level behind your mission and your goals.


There’s a big difference between these two things.


And neither thing is a goal either, goals are just milestones along the way. 


Make your life about being successful every day


So for YOU, what does this mean?!


Well, perhaps your goal is to lose 2 stone of body fat.


But WHY?


Well, you want to be healthier and happier.


This is just one level down, so this is your MISSION 


To get the WHY just go one more level down...


The reason WHY you want to be healthier and happier is so you can live a long life


be a great role model for your kids


and feel awesome when you take your shirt off on the beach.




And believe me, I talk to people all the time who think their WHY is to solve world hunger or create world peace.


Yet my WHY is basically to have enough money and free time to have fun every day. 


THAT gets me out of bed early every day, that’s all I need to drive me


So what’s your WHY?


start with your goal


> dig one level deeper to find your mission that drives your goals


> dig one level deeper again to find your WHY that drives your mission.


When you find it, the simplicity may surprise you.


That’s the Monday Motivation.


Have a great day TEAM!