Martin - 29 – Cadishead Rhinos - Private Coaching Client

MartinI’ve been playing rugby league for 15 years. I joined Raw Strength because I was lacking in strength and not getting results from attending my busy local gym. My first impressions were that the gym was completely different to any other gym I had been in before and I was a bit unsure of what to expect. The gym looked "raw", just free weights and strongman tools, no treadmills or cross trainers in sight.

I’ve been training here for 12 months now and I am lifting far heavier weights than before with much better technique! My squat max has gone from 95kg to140kg and my bench press has gone from 80kg to 110kg!

I would 100% recommend this gym to anybody who is looking for quicker results and is tired of going to commercial gyms, doing the same routine and not being able to lift serious weights.