Monday Motivation - health, strength and happiness...



YOU are responsible for your health, strength and fitness


so why are you LYING to yourself right now?


Many people act like victims


Saying things like:


> I'm too busy/tired/lazy/stressed/poor/weak/fat


...and everything in-between


Do you know that when you say these EXCUSES


You're giving your power, your decision making skill, away to something else?! 




Your emotional health stays the same


Likely unhappy with your body, unsure how to change and blaming everyone/thing but yourself


Ultimately you end up spending each evening eating what you like and skipping all exercise




Your physical health deteriorates


You get weaker


Back pain, elbow and knee pain flare up


You blame everything else but yourself (e.g. I sit down all day, my car seat hurts me, I have arthritis from an old golfing injury...)




you start taking less and less action


Physical and emotional health is now in the toilet


^^^ around this point the PAIN you are in is so high that you decide to take action


Perhaps joining a gym or hiring a PT.


Thing is...


If you haven't CHANGED YOUR MINDSET and you still make excusese and blame external things


Then you won't go to the gym


You'll cancel on your PT


And you can add another excuse to your repertoire:


"I tried that, it didn't work for me"


No it didn't.


Because you didn't MAKE IT WORK.


Make your LIFE work.


Take responsibility for absolutely everything you do EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life.


You don't get to take a day-off from being you


Sure, you can hide from emotional pain, bills, diets, relationship problems and whatever else.


But only for so long.


Hiding from health is the scariest thing for me.


It literally terrifies me.


I mean, imagine eating crap, living with joint pain, not going to the gym for the next 25 years


I'd be mid-50s with a miserable existence.


But it wouldn't be too late to change.


Thing is, the hole I'd have dug for myself would be extremely deep


I'd look up at how far I'd have to climb to get out of the hole


And seriously consider whether it would be worth it.




Want to grow old happy and pain free for as long as possible? 


I do.


So it's worth climbing out of any hole I find myself in.


Want to maintain muscle mass, or build new muscle mass, so your body actually works in your 40s, 50s and beyond?


I sure as hell do.


in fact, the other day I saw an awesome video of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his old training partner Franco Columbu going to the gym and rocking out with a workout


Living life


Having FUN together


And they're late sixties/early seventies




I want to be like that


That drives my life


Actually LIVING each day and being able to wear the clothes I want


Walk about feeling confident in my body


And knowing that I can feel this way until at least into my sevenites like those two


Well, that inspires me.


I hope you feel the same.


SO today's message:


"Remember that you are responsible for everything in your life. Don't be a victim. Live, eat and train so you have a strong body and a happy life FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE."


Need a reason to hit the gym today?


This is it. 


'Results or Excuses. The choice is yours.'


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach 

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington.


Let's say that you joined the LEAN GIRLS program today...


what would happen?


Well, we'd give your current strength levels a kickstart with a program based around squats, deadlifts, glute bridges and pull-ups


this triggers the body to rapidly adapt and build new muscle, which then improves posture.


The way you look will become leaner and more athletic. 
You'll train in the gym 3x per week with your own coach and in a group of around 8 other women with the exact same goal.

We train with weights and we're going to teach you how to lift from scratch.

We also use ropes, bodyweight movements, kettlebells and some intense conditioning workouts so you can stimulate the fat burning process. 


The whole program is coached in detail, you're never left alone, instead we'll guide you step by step through each workout.

We also aim to help you stick to a nutrition plan with detailed goals every week, but laid out in a simple way with meal plans, example recipes and support on this every day in our facebook group. 


The nutrition is one of the most important parts of the program so we're really going to give you a lot of support and help here. 


Plus we train hard in our private gym and have fun as a team


Proper training with a coach by your side AND great nutrition means that you are GUARANTEED success


So if you want help from my team and I please get in touch today


Here's the link to apply:


We ALWAYS agree on a result with you and together we achieve that over 12 weeks.


Which is just in time for when the sun comes out May-August holiday season


So plan ahead this year!


Here's that link again: