Monday Motivation - IT'S COLD!


Yes its cold

Yes its dark

I know, its Winter!!

It's the time of the year when everything in our being is tellng us to hit the snooze button first thing in the morning and to hit the sofa in the evening.

It is common in winter fo many of us start to feel our mood sinking and becoming tired and sluggish. 

That’s because as the days get shorter and colder, we spend more time indoors and become less active.

This has an impact on our energy levels and make us less interested in doing anything.

If that wasn't bad enough our eating habits also contribute to our sinking mood and energy levels.

We tend to eat warmer, heartier meals as the cold weather makes us crave sweet and starchy food. Eating more sugary foods which can cause spikes in glucose levels which leaves us even more lethargic and sluggish. 

Not good right?

So here are My Winter Survival Tips..

Move your body!

In order to shake of the winter blues we have to MOVE!!


Get outside!

Have you ever heard the saying there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing.

So wrap up

Taking a short walk each day can boost boost your mood and energy. If you can get out in the day you can catch that all important daylight which is vital this time of year.

Getting out gives you the opportunity to clear your head, and blow way the cobwebs.

Get to the gym!

Put a couple more layers on or better still, do a few extra reps to get warmed up!

It is common to see people who religiously attend the gym and sessions start to drop off during the winter months. We can come up with a million reasons to not go. But this is exactly the reason to make the effort to go. 

The cycle of inactivity must be broken!

Balance out the Treats!

Though the colder weather makes us crave sweets and starches, it is important to ensure our meals are balanced. 

One thing we don't get enough of is Protein. Protein doesn’t spike your sugar levels, meaning you will feel more satisfied, less irritable and less tired than only eating simple carbohydrates and sugars.

I am not for one minute saying you should be restricting what you eat or feeling ashamed about eating sugar. (There’s nothing criminal about savouring you favourite Christmas treat)


Rather, it’s about paying attention to how these foods affect you. Listen to your body and giving it the nutrition it needs, whilst still enjoying what you eat. Prepare some healthy, protein-packed stews, chillis and soups and steer clear of the sugar 85% of the time!

To all of our RSG Tribe make sure you get to the gym. You need it now more than ever. If you have to miss a session for whatever reason, don't cancel completely, make sure you get yourself in for an alternative session and hit those 3 sessions per week!

Don't sit on the fence regarding the Spartan and Wonder Woman Challenges. Go all in, and continue getting killer results all the way to Christmas!

Anyone sat at home who this message has resonated with. Stop thinking about it and act. We've got a FREE High Intensity Training session this Saturday at 10am open to members and non-members! If you want to join in, email us to book 


Lets smash winter and have a great holiday season!

The Viking
Strength & Conditioning Coach